Goettsching, Manuel

The releases of the Ashra founder, which are under his name. The Berlin based guitar synthesizer player.
Goettsching, Manuel
Ash Ra Tempel - Gin Rose (CD + DVD)

Artists: Ash Ra Tempel
P: 2000 / 2020
Live concert by Manuel Gottsching and Klaus Schulze at the Royal Festival Hall.

ASH RA TEMPEL, pioneering veterans of the "Berlin School", became known worldwide with their LPs / publications in the years 1971-1973. On the debut album of the same name from 1971 in the formation of Hartmut Enke (bass), Manuel Göttsching (guitar), Klaus Schulze (drums), ASH RA TEMPEL radically deconstructed elements of rock and blues and combined them with electronic sounds to create novel sound collages. Göttsching and Schulze met again and again during their later solo careers and demonstrated their musical ties to innovative guitar and electronics, but it was not until 2000 that they came together again for a short interlude as "ASH RA TEMPEL". Julian Cope (author of "Krautrock-Sampler") had invited Göttsching to his Cornucopea Festival in London, and so the wonderful opportunity arose for a unique reunion concert, which took place on April 2nd, 2000 in London's Royal Festival Hall. During the preparations for the concert, the studio album "Friendship" was created in advance. Both recordings, the studio album as well as the live recording from the concert in London "Gin Rosé" were released in 2000 in a small edition that was quickly sold out. The studio album "Friendship" was already re-released in 2014 (CD), due to the great demand here the long-awaited live album "Gin Rosé" is finally being reissued. Göttsching and Schulze combine tradition and vision, but instead of reactivating the sounds of the 1970s, the spirit of this unique liaison flows through every note of this concert, which is still contemporary today and shows the two actors with their usual and unwavering joy in playing. Recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, London 02 April 2000 "Gin Rosè" is now considered a "farewell" concert in this line-up historically valuable document on German music history Klaus Schulze: keyboards, drum machines, sequencing, Manuel Göttsching: electric, acoustic and Hawaiian guitars  complete, unabridged concert on CD including bonus DVD of the entire concert

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Ash Ra Tempel - Le Berceau de Cristal remastert

Artists: Ash Ra Tempel
P: 1994 / 2017

Soundtrack of Le Berceau De Cristal directed by Philippe Garrel.
All composed by Göttsching / Ulbrich except 2, 3, 4 composed by Manuel Göttsching.
Musicaly "Le berceau de cristal" is dominated by pure electronics from the seventies, electric organs,guitar echoes...put together to create delicate and peaceful soundscapes.


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Ash Ra Tempel Experience - Live in Melbourne 2017

Artists: Ash Ra Tempel
P: 2017

Recorded: August 8, 2015 at Arts Centre, Melbourne, Supersense Festival of the Ecstatic

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Ashra - Belle Alliance Plus

Artist: Ashra (Göttsching/Grosskopf/Ulbrich) 
P: 2008    
CD1 is the remastered version of the original release.
CD2 is previously unreleased material from the recording sessions in 1979.

Perfect synthesizer based, melodic, rhythmic electronic music, out of the best time of Ashra.

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Ashra - Blackouts

Artists: Ashra
P: 1977 / 2002

Since the release of thie music way back in 1977, the music fascinats the listener. The Music is timeless and therefore voted to the ultimative best releases in electronicmusic ever.
The 6 Tracks are perfectly arranged and include the best guitarsound Manuel Göttsching ever has produced. The slow sequences and the effects are the missing link, that fullfill this music with the best athmosphere ever.

Everything fits, everything works... perfect!

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Joaquin Joe Claussell meets Manuel Gottsching

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
P: 2006
Track 1 from an original recording from a Manuel Gottsching solo concert Bataclan in Paris, December 14, 1976 additional beats transposed by Joaquin Joe Claussell 2006

Track 2 from an original recording from an ASHRA-concert at Quartier Latin in Berlin, August 19, 1979
Additional percussions transposed, overdubs, tape loops and effects by Joaquin Joe Claussell 2006
Additional musicians: Micky Westphal on bass 1979, organs by Brian Mitchell 2006

Track 3 from an original recordings from a Manuel Gottsching solo concert at Bataclan in Paris, december 14, 1976

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Klaus Schulze's Wahnfried - Tonwelle (2CD)

Artist: Klaus Schulze
P: 1981 / 2012 / 2021

The album "Tonwelle" was released in 1981 as Richard Wahnfried's second. Within Klaus Schulze's universe "Tonwelle" remains an exceptional album today. This 2CD package contains: The original vinyl was produced for a speed of 33 1/3 rpm but by mistake, the cover said a speed of 45 rpm. For this release the fast version was processed. Both versions are now available for the first time.
Guest Musicians:

Manuel Göttsching
Mike Shrieve
Karl Wahnfried
Michael Garvens

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Manuel Goettsching - Die Mulde

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
P: 2005
This CD features 72 minutes of live electronic music. Although split into several tracks (that flow together), the music on this CD features two compositions: 40 minutes of "Die Mulde" which was performed live by Göttsching at the Denkmalschmiede Höfgen (near the river Mulde) on September 6, 1997; and 32 minutes of "hp little cry" which features a basic random pattern created on 1981 on a Prophet-10 with additional guitar added in 2004.

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Manuel Goettsching - Dream + Desire

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
P: 1977 / 1991

Dream & Desire belongs more with the Virgin Years era. It's not easy to relate it to New Age of Earth or Blackouts, since is has its own unique atmosphere. The compositions on D&D is Manuel in his most sublime and contemplative style, words that could describe it: flowing, moody, gentle, peaceful, comforting. It lacks the agressiveness of Blackouts or Belle Alliance, it's way too gentle, but that's what makes this CD so special: take the best pieceful moments in New Age, and then multiply it by a 100, that's how Dream And Desire feels.

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