Multitalented musicians Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Markus Reuter out of Germany. This is the collaboration of the two.
Centrozoon - Blast

Artist: Centrozoon
P: 2000    
LTD 1000 Copies.
750 pressed.
Centrozoon are a duo consisting of the guitarist Markus Reuter and synthesist Bernhard Wostheinrich. Blast contains four epic soundscapes that are ambient in intent but with unusual sequencer under-scores. Mixed by Ian Boddy this album should appeal to anyone who liked Distant Rituals (DiN 2).

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Centrozoon - Lovefield

Artist: Centrozoon
P: 2007

CENTROZOON change gear once more with their latest offering; Lovefield - An intimate improvisational work, featuring guitar and synthesizer as seldom heard. With minimal post-production this album is the closest to an 'unplugged' set one can expect such masters of progressive electronica.
Challenging, engaging, and thought provoking - Lovefield has a cinematic quality, which colours the listeners' imagination, and paints a visual accompaniment in the language of surrealist filmmaker David Lynch. In recognition of these filmic values a DVD-style 'audio commentary' has been recorded by associates of the band that may enlighten listeners, or potentially confuse them even further!
Either way, it couldn't be better suited to this project.

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Centrozoon - Never Trust the Way You Are

Artist: Centrozoon
P: 2004

This is a fairly aggressive, beat-driven project from No-Man singer Tim Bowness with Crafty guitarist Markus Reuter (on Warr Guitar) and drum/synth programmer Bernhard Wosterinch. It's filled with rather cold musical landscapes that are enlivened significantly by Reuter's virtuosity and the sheer uniqueness of Bernhards's rhythms. For No-Man/Porcupine Tree fans, Tim Bowness's vocals are a welcome touchstone amidst this relatively experimental sound, and he does a lot to shape the material into fairly coherent songs. I find the lyrics to be more raw than usual, and even the talented Bowness isn't above an occasional misfire. [Cold and lonely, cold and lonely, except when you're hot and lonely from "Ten Versions of America" being the most egregious example.] Nonetheless, I find this a very entertaining listen. Fans of modern King Crimson and No-Man's "Wild Opera" period should really enjoy this album. King Crimson's Pat Mastellotto makes a guest appearance, mixing the sublime "Pop Killer" - perhaps the best track on the album.

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Centrozoon - Sun Lounge Debris

Artist: Centrozoon
P: 2002  
A collection of pieces of a varying nature, issued on British art-rock label Burning Shed in 2001 as a CD-R release. Allmusic noted the album’s ”ambient-inspired depths, with slowly progressing songs that unfold with layers of haunting, lovely drones that sound like soft sighs. " and commented on the “definite hints of prog-tinged exploration throughout… Reuter's a very deliberate player, and his skill at creating loops out of his performances establishes the shade and beautiful texture of the pieces. Wöstheinrich's work is subtle throughout, providing low-key accompaniment and melody to the performances, working in gentle sync with Reuter.

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Centrozoon - The Divine Beast

Artist: Centrozoon
P: 2001 
Limited Edition, Cardboard Sleeve, two tracks from the Cult of Bibiboo CD.

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