Ezzu, Alberto

Alberto Ezzu is an italian experimental musician who experiences around overtone singing.
Ezzu, Alberto
Alberto Ezzu - AlmaMantra

Artist: Alberto Ezzu
P: 2019
LTD 200

A great album combining harmonic singing and medieval compositions, ancient music and electronics, Alberto Ezzu . Baritono is joined by  the female voice of Anna Siccardi - soprano, Paola Scatena - contralto, Stefania Priotti - mezzo soprano,  and with instruments like flutes, bells, viella , timpani and harmonium.

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Alberto Ezzu - Il Fuoco...

Artist: Alberto Ezzu
P: 2013
The Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble was founded in 2001 to perform his own compositions and improvisations given mainly by the singing of the harmonics.
The use of the voice are combined with musical instruments of ancient European tradition (synphonia, micanon, lute, viola da gamba) and classical (oboe and cello), some of the Eastern traditions (tampura, sitar, Indian harmonium, percussion), and electronic instruments.
"The Fire on the 6th Harmonic Light of Dominant starting from Mother Fundamental (keeping in mind Zarathustra)" was presented in concert form since 2001.
In the new version of 2013, behind the singers is projected the movie "Smoke Light" produced by the video maker Simone Tringali.
From a frame of this movie is taken the cover image and artwork of the three sides digipack.

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