Coniglio, Enrico

Guitarist / composer / environmental sound recordist. Enrico Coniglio (Venice, 1975) is a musician with an interest in the aesthetic aspects of the landscape. Starting from an initial need to experience the shades of ambient and atmospheric music, with a particular reference to the soundscape of the venetian lagoon, his music try to explore the loss of identity of places and the uncertainty of the evolution of the territory.
He has collaborated with various artists, including: Nicola Alesini, Joachim Roedelius, Arlo Bigazzi, Guido Marzorati, Piero Bittolo Bon, Kyle Gregory, Marco Strano, Massimo Liverani, Rick Walker, Elisa Marzorati, Arve Henriksen, Danilo Gallo, Rena Jones, David Bickley, Emanele Errante, Oophoi, Gigi Masin, Janek Schaefer, Alessio Ballerini and Attilio Novellino...

Coniglio, Enrico
Aqua Dorsa - Cloudlands

Artist: Aqua Dorsa
P: 2009
LTD 750

Aquadorsa is a new musical Italian ambient project formed by  Enrico Coniglio and Oophoi.Their first work “Cloudlands” is a perfect mix of glithc,classical and orchestral glacial ambient soundscape.Enrico Coniglio is a guitar player  and composer and his research has increasingly focused on the relationship between 'music' and 'landscape ', in an attempt to represent the contemporary crisis of the territory, the loss of nature and identity of places, and the unknown on the evolution of post-urban and post-industrial territory. He has collaborated with various artists, including: Nicola Alesini, Joachim Roedelius and Elisa Marzorati.Gianluigi Gasparetti better know as Oophoi started his own music experiments in 1995, trying to explore the shores of deep space-ambient. His live album "The spirals of time", released in 1997 by Amplexus, has been voted as one of the best ambient albums of all times.Oophoi uses traditional instruments as synths and sampling machines and his music is recorded using analog-only devices in The Kiva.

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Enrico Coniglio + Under the Snow - Dialogue One

Artist: Enrico Coniglio & Under the Snow
P: 2011
Under The Snow is Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaro.
This is the first split work between UNDER THE SNOW and various artists/friends. Nearly an hour of suggestive "border" music, equally divided between the relaxing and ambient atmospheres contaminated with experimental elements created by Enrico Coniglio, and the low-fi/rough sounds and atmopheres crafted by Under the Snow (Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron) - not so different but with a more dramatic, tense and hypnotic doom - built on deep drones stratifications, often hard and cutting, with a wide collection of noises, electronic hassles, ununderstandable wispherings, concrete moments... A perfect join-venture, a mix among two different music projects that gather coherence and inspiration to "sustain" a split album that showcases a not to be missed fusion of styles among the involved artists, oriented on parallel patterns, clearly increasing the value of their own personal and somehow different sonic directions.

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Enrico Coniglio - DyanMU

Artist: Enrico Coniglio
P: 2008
Enrico Coniglio is a thirtysomething post-Fennesz producer/musician based in Venice. He deals in a warm, soothing blend of guitar drones, field recordings and digital post-production. dyanMU is his fifth album, and this time around he’s joined by Elisa Marzorati on piano. Coniglio works as an urban planner by day, and it is perhaps no coincidence that his music evinces a strong sense of place and landscape.
Opening track ‘Brushwork’ features contemplative piano chords and runs layered over heavily syncopated programmed drums (from guest Rena Jones) and chilled synth atmospheres, with indecipherable spoken word samples floating in and out of the mix. However, this opening track is deceptive, as the rest of the CD dispenses with drums altogether. Coniglio says that he was freely inspired by Debussy’s piano preludes in the making of this record, and ‘Foliage’ is a solo piano instrumental which seems to hang in the air like a latter day ‘Clair de Lune’. ‘Birds Delight’ is an Eno-esque melange of swooping bass drones and haunted electronics. ‘Timepiece’ samples Robert Fripp in a cinematic soundscape of richly reverbed piano, drifting synth strings and Alva Noto-style bass glitches
( Ewan Burke )

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