Seele is a side project by the musician Amir Baghiri.
Seele (Amir Baghiri) - Berlin

Artist:  Amir Baghiri
P: 2005
This Solo CD of Amir Baghiri is named Seele (means "Soul" in english language), a Hypnotic Soundtrip through technoid soundscapes and ambient noise blends into energizing tracks that will hit the floor with maximum of musical structures and emotional impact.
Project by Amir Baghiri and Stefano Gentile. 
Techno-noise and deep ambient... industrial sounds and triphop... This album is simply our postcard from Berlin... heart and soul.

14,90 EUR
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Seele (Amir Baghiri) - The Deep Side of My Soul

Artist:  Amir Baghiri / Seele
P: 2007
After the previous Silentes cd: 'Berlin', Seele offers a new, entrancing excursion into urban atmospheres. A rhythmic trip thats deeply moving and coloured, mixing different styles with remarkable originality. Seele uses synthetic sounds, drum machine grooves, ambient textures, alluring female vocals, iridescent chants of the orient, exotic instrumental sounds, rapper-esque vocal phrases, arpeggios of pizzicato strings, and deeply evocative piano melodies. An unbelievable blend of sonic elements clash to create a new sonic fabric that has never been experienced before. Uncharted musical terrain for the listener seeking a completely new direction in sound.

13,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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