Tuts-Schiemsky, Emmanuel

The Belgium ambientmusician who came in contact to Amplexus through Vidna Obmana.
Tuts-Schiemsky, Emmanuel
Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky - Rust voor de Stilte

Artist: Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky
P: 1996
Melodic ambientstructures with bell like sounds and native rhythms, produce an heavenly athmosphere, that invites for relaxation. It sometimes sounds like Mike Oldfield's Incantations.

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V/A - Ambient Nation Vol. 2

Artist: Frank Quasar, Patrick Kosmos
Venja, Symbian u.a.

P: 1995
The belgium label Art For Ears produced 3 samplers during the 90s, which showed the current stand of belgium ambient music. The well known artists gave new tracks for the collections and it is still a very good review of the belgium Ambient scene at that time.

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V/A - Between Sun + Moon

Artist: V/A
P: 2000
Compilation of the Amplexus Edition releases.

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