Muatgene is the main musical project of Alexis Glass, an electrical engineer from Canada.
Mutagene - Sleeping Possession

Artist: Mutagene
P: 2002
Out of my latest batch of 10 CD's to review, the first to be placed in the player was this one and of course it was from choice. It is all the work of Alexis Glass, who is a native Canadian, but now resides in Japan. During the last four years whilst he has been studying there, he has developed a remarkable insight into what makes good quality music. This batch of eleven tracks is his first venture into the business and he has chosen the sphere of ambient, dub and techno to showcase his musical ideas. It's a strong CD without all those repetitive phrases borrowed from other recordings and gives an idea of his potential. Incidentally he was spotted via the Internet and thankfully can now share his music with a greater audience.
The opening track Knockoff Spice contains a slow ambient beginning with the main haunting theme developing and before you realise that 5 min have elapsed we're into the next track A Lonely Hill, where gong type percussion is used almost as a melody rather than a rhythm. On Camera Dub, the long introductory notes provide great expectation of things to come and this ambient dub track is one of the best I have listened to for ages. It deserves to be played at high volume and just tell the neighbours its Mutagene! Another wondrous intro is Coldest Sleep with its slow pace and exceptionally haunting lines. These are particularly scary. An hour in the musical company of this guy will not be wasted, in fact there can be few better ways of allowing time to elapse. 

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