Günter Grünebast was the keyboardist of the former progressive rock band Morphelia. Now he has the interesting electronic project Johannssohn and composes very varied electronic music styles.
Johannssohn - Minoan Encounters

Artist: Johannssohn
P: 2023

Minoan Encounters is a sound work of art by Johannssohn as an audio CD with over 74 minutes of playing time with a 6-page digipack and 16-page booklet. Spherical electronic sounds meet complex rhythms. Elements of progressive rock combine with classical music. Analogue and digital instruments: ARP Omni 2, Korg MS-20, Minimoog, Moog Satellite, Moog Prodigy, Nord Stage 3, Roland Jupiter 4, Roland Juno 106, Roland JX-8P, Yamaha SY 77, Yamaha EX-5; Spectrasonics Omnisphere, software instruments from Digital Audio Workstations.

14,90 EUR
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