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Rüdiger Lorenz & Various Artists - Distant Blue

Artist: Rüdiger Lorenz, Stefan Reinert, Wilfried Müller, Michael Rauch
P: 1993
A compilation of new tracks played by 4 different electronic musicians. Intersting styles, all tracks played with synthezisers. Some melodic, some more deep with a little bit of an experimental touch.

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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Mojave 2003

Artists: Wolfram Spyra, Free System Projekt, Airsculpture,Star Sounds Orchestra, Paul Lawler,  Dave Brewer, Bill Fox
P: 2004
All the Artists played live within the Mojave desert in California.
Most of the tracks use sequenzer and are played in Berlin school style.


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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Okefenokee 2000

Artist: Dave Brewer & Free System Projekt
P: 2007   
LTD 300
The live music tracks played with a lot of sequenzers at the Ricochet Gathering in Gerorgia USA.


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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Okefenokee 2002

Artist: Airsculpture & Star Sounds Orchestra
P: 2007   
LTD 300
Live performances of the 2002 Gathering with two Sets of the two groups.

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Various Artists - E-Live 2009

Artist: Spyra, Stephan Whitlan, Brendan Pollard & Hashtronaut, Faralley
P: 2009
LTD 500
4 Tracks, exclusive for this CD.

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Various Artists - Liquid Sound Volume 2

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2003
Project is effectively Keller & Schonwalder and friends. They start this wonderful double CD set with 'Come and Taste the Band'. Fizzing drones travel through the ether as subtle percussion and faint guitar give a rather moody atmosphere. It's only in the last third that any rhythmic content is added but even then it is subdued so as not to disturb the lovely serene feel.
Tom van Draft is really Thomas Fanger (from Fanger & Schonwalder, Mind Flux etc). His track 'Blue Halo' starts with a nice melodic sequence augmented by gentle electric piano touches. A rhythm enters in the third minute developing a nice relaxed groove.
Arcanum & Otarion team up for 'Homo Novus'. Various sequences and loops emerge through rather orchestral sounding pads as we start a slow but very effective build up which hits the spot perfectly. Very subtle rhythm and percussion are added around which a beautiful melody, rather low in the mix, weaves its spell.
Fanger & Schonwalder are responsible for the hugely popular 'Analog Overdose' series. Here we have a new track called 'Abgetaucht'. If you liked Volumes 1 and 3 of that series you should also go for this. A sequence can be heard which starts low in the mix but rapidly rises to the surface and is joined by high hat percussion. More pulsations are added in the form of a slow bass sequence / loop. The sequences seep into the consciousness wonderfully taking over the mind. I am sure a lovely little melody had already been there a couple of minutes before I noticed it as it fitted in so perfectly with everything else that was going on. More lovely 70s sounding lead lines come and go- boy do they hit the spot! Virtual guitar can momentarily be heard in the twelfth minute. It adds that little extra excitement without dominating. What a wonderful track- mesmerizing but never boring.
The first disc concludes with 'Salzbad' by Electric Orange. Initially the main feature is a fine splashing sequence but as the track progresses it reminded me of some early Sky label recordings by the likes of Tyndall or even Adelbert Von Deyen.

It is probably the second disc which will excite many however, even before listening to the music, as it contains tracks (all at fifteen minutes or over) by Spyra (with Chris Lang), Rainbow Serpent and AirSculpture. This is the first new material from the last two of these acts in ages.
'Nenikekamen' by Spyra & Lang starts us off. Straight away it's Klaus Schulze who comes to mind. We float on tranquil soft pads then an excellent slow sequence emerges backed by a cello / flute combination (I think!) which weaves a lovely haunting melody. The sequence mutates this way and that increasing in speed considerably in the fifth minute. Subtle rhythm in added low in the mix accompanied by yet another lovely lead.
Fanger & Kersten provide one of the most contemporary offerings on the album with 'Waterproof Guitar'. Infectious rhythmic loops and sampled (or vocoded) utterances of the title develop into quite a relaxed but also extremely 'cool' groove.
'Deep Dive' by Rainbow Serpent makes use of rather metallic sounding eerie wind blown effects over which a shuffling rhythm keeps being heard then disappears like tumbleweed momentarily being seen before being blown into the distance. Just before the five-minute mark some very faint NASA type samples can just be heard. This is extremely atmospheric stuff but also rather vivid picture music. A slow flutey melodic lead floats over the top heightening the haunting qualities still further.
At about the half way mark a slow rhythm is added giving a little structure but never intruding too much or destroying the delicate atmosphere so painstakingly created.
By it's title 'Not Raving, Floating' by AirSculpture might also be expected to be something of an ambient affair but this is not the case. Sure we get a drifting, though sonically powerful, introduction but it isn't long before a typical Sculpture lead can be heard and then a sequence with their signature all over it. It becomes louder and louder, more leads are added then another cracking sequence falls into formation- then another! Simply awesome. Welcome back AirSculpture! (Now when the hell are you going to get your 2003 National Space Centre gig ready for release?!).
We finish with 'Liquid Dawn' by Keller & Schonwalder. For the most part this is an ethereal melancholy masterpiece darker than anything on 'Noir'. A sequence is added in the ninth minute which does drive things forward a little but thankfully the mood stays wonderfully morose. Beware the false ending by the way, just when you think it is all over there is a bonus five minutes of music! Lovely stuff too. Sorry to spoil the surprise guys.

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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Muflon Sorcerers

Artists: V/A
P: 2009
Ricochet Gathering is a unique electronic musician collaboration. Each improvization gathering has a theme tied to the Berlin School electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream. A unique yearly event held in exotic places for the purpose of having electronic music fans and musicians create together. Each event is tied to the EM pioneers Tangerine Dream with a Theme and allows fans and musicians to live in a communal setting for a few days to inspire/create/enjoy electronic music! All music created at this event is live, unrehearsed, and improvised - and captured in one take...

Poland 2004
Theme: Poland EM Festival! Musicians: Dave Brewer, Jaroslaw Degórski, Conrad Gibbons, Paul Lawler (Arcane), Krzysztof Horn (Remote Spaces) and Bill Fox.
The concert tracks 1-4 were recorded in Jelenia Gora, Poland on 11th September 2004 and mixed by Volker König.
Bonus track 5 was improvised at the cottages in Muflon Shanty, Komarno, Poland, 2004.

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Klaus Schulze + Others - Muting The Noise

Artist: Klaus Schulze
P: 2008

This compilation includes Ambient tracks of artists from all around the world and one so far unreleased new track by Klaus Schulze.

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Various Artists - Open Air Burg Herzberg Best Of Part 2

Artists: Various Artists
P: 1999
This is a recording of the live concert held at Burg Herzberg in 1999, where all of the artists of this CD played live. A kind of Woodstock in Germany with a lot of Krautrock bands.

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Cosmic Couriers - Other Places

Artist: Cosmic Couriers (Dieter Moebius, Mani Neumeier, Jürgen Engler)
P: 1998

All tracks played live in one go in the Studio. The intense of the recording was to produce a music with deep atmosphere. It is a style of modern Krautrock with strange sounds, but rhythmic.
Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer [Sequential Circuits, Pro One] - Mani Neumeier
Mixed By - Chris Lietz
Music By - Moebius* , Engler* , Neumeier*
Producer - Lietz* , Moebius* , Engler* , Neumeier*
Recorded By - Chris Lietz
Synthesizer [Arp 2600, Korg Ps3100, Oberheim Sem Module, Roland Sh7], Guitar [Gibson Es 295] - Jurgen Engler*
Synthesizer [Korg Prophecy] - Dieter Moebius

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