Atom Infant Incubator

An early collaboration project between Claudio Dondo of Runes Order and Paolo Beltrame of Die Sonne Satan. Dark ambient industrial from Italy.
Atom Infant Incubator
Atom Infant Incubator - Copula

Artists: Atom Infant Incubator
P: 1994
Despite their rather silly name (too much Sigillum S maybe?), this is a superb atmospheric-industrial release. Slightly cosmic at times, the overall sound offer's not warmth, but a kind of empty inter-galagtic coldness. On a foundation of machine-like loops (Zoviet France came to mind once or twice) this italian duo overlay surging pulsation's of treated and processed sounds that roll in like storm clouds from the stratosphere. Maybe a bit abrasive at times, but if you're used to ZF or Cranioclast, then this should be right up your alley. Some of the tracks seem a bit indistinguishable - which may be a problem on future releases, but easy to overlook for now. A strong piece of work.

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