Seifert, Erik

The sound engineer and studiomusician from Odenthal / Germany
Seifert, Erik
Erik Seifert + Josef Steinbüchel - Abandoned Places

Artist: Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel
P: 2018

Abandoned Places always have something mysterious and mystical about them! So everyone can imagine how the music sounds. And Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel could not have done better either, because this music has become very, very expressive. Pretty much everything is represented here between Deep Dark and Spaceambient, the music is extremely calm, in order to preserve the mysterious mood. And this is the two musicians really great!

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Erik Seifert + Josef Steinbüchel - Reverse Engineering

Artist: Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel
P: 2017 / 2018

The two have developed new sounds again, which is already apparent in the first track, the title track of the album. Great gentle rhythms and sounds open up this piece. After a few moments, then come to wonderful, pumping, sequencer-specific arcs of rhythm, which are stacked on top of each other and give an extraordinary sound experience that you already know from its predecessor and the solo releases of Erik Seifert ago. Erik is able to combine extraordinary and captivating sounds with catchy harmonies. In Josef Steinbüchel he has found an adequate competitor who strikes in the same score. The result is wonderfully melodious pieces on the album that are carried by great rhythmic structures and sound effects. The title track will be donated in the course more sounds, so it remains extremely exciting. That's also the blueprint for the entire album. Actually, it is a longtrack divided into nine parts, as each piece seamlessly blends into each other and sounds like a compact unitSlightly spacey sounds and surfaces, which are offset with linguistic fragments at the beginning, which remind me a little of power plant, start in the second track "Intellectual Property". There are also sounds that sound a little like Vangelis or Enigma, but still carry the signature of Seifert & Steinbüchel. Gently, this piece moves through the room until at three minutes a crisp rhythm comes up and the mood changes now. Harmonies and rhythm form a hypnotic sound space, into which a hymnic melody then weaves. The beginning of "The Beauty Of Detail" looks slightly technological. First, clacking noises appear, which are underlaid with surfaces. Here the listener can make his own picture to the music. I feel like I'm on a sailing ship. "Source Code", on the other hand, comes with softly pulsating rhythms that combine with futuristic sounds and atmospheric harmonies to create a light "Bladerunner" flair. Overall, a rather ambient track. Spacy sounds that develop smoothly and create a similar atmosphere are featured in Legacy System. In the further course, the two spend the track an irresistible rhythm, which they prove with a catchy harmony. Especially in these moments, the two play out their strengths. Slowly also develops "Competitor Analysis". Still starting slightly with technical sounds and effects, the two lead the track into a quiet, melodic passage, which increases momentum in the further course. The intense, melodic, captivating and rhythmic "In The Deepest Corner", the dreamy / hypnotic "disassembler" and the "Integrated Circuit" underpinned by a rousing pumping beat conclude the album. Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbüchel have once again combined extraordinary sound formations and sounds in their second joint work. That sounds fresh and new. A sound experience of a very special kind.
Stephan Schelle, June 2017

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Erik Seifert + Josef Steinbüchel - Softlock

Artist: Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel
P: 2015


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Erik Seifert - A Trip To Nebula Cluster

Artist: Erik Seifert
P: 1992 / 2003 
It is interesting to note that his work is inspired by your usual suspects of Tangerine Dream, Jarre, Kraftwerk and Vangelis along with some other perhaps lesser known, but nevertheless auspicious luminaries.
Upon first listen it is not difficult to see the main influence being Vangelis but upon closer scrutiny of the work one can notice the more obvious influence of Tangerine Dream and there is even a brief Kraftwerk moment thrown in for good measure!
The overture 'Liquid Thoughts', the shortest track at just over 3 minutes offers a choral synth section laden with assorted effects. An effective theme then an additional solo lead enters taking the track to its conclusion.
'A Trip to Nebula Cluster' graces us next with its wash of obscure undercurrents and bell type effects. Shortly afterwards a decent sequencer pattern starts up and one of those typically early 80's sounding Vangelis lead lines intertwines with the music. Eventually new percussive elements are added later on in the piece together with the main theme. At 4 minutes the piece changes with slight, mid-seventies era Jarre influences. The Vangelis lead encountered earlier returns and the piece ends in chilled out fashion.
'Before Lift Off' begins with a mysterious theme. Another of those early Jarre influenced string sections returns and at around the 2-minute mark the listener is treated to a high pitched sequencer pattern. A light percussion loop appears and the piece goes through moments of transposition. Again the piece moves between Jarre influences and even a brief moment of Ian Boddy inspiration can be heard here. At just over 4 minutes a bell like theme enters leading on to that brief Kraftwerk moment as previously mentioned. The theme, sequencer/percussion work re-congregates for one final moment of triumph before coming to rest.
Another of those 70's Jarre moments graces the first part of 'Acceleration' with its expansive strings and effect layers. A high choral theme gives the piece atmospheric leanings and it is shortly joined by a light percussion loop. A stable theme is added under an array of intermittent sequencer patterns. Remaining stable until that last minute or so when the piece becomes more obscure. The engine fires up once more and blasts off to the tracks' conclusion.
'Blue Sky' begins with soundscapes and effects together with the intermittent inclusion of sampled space narrative. A slow bass sequencer pattern emerges along with bell effects closely followed by a main theme. A very film orientated piece.
'Lost in Space' contains more of those sampled space voices and is joined by some effective analogue synth pads with white noise underlay. Further radio effects create atmosphere leading on to a slow sequencer pattern and synth chords. A solid lead line enters over what now appears to be a steady rhythm section. There is a light and slightly melancholic feel to this piece.
With 'Outer Rim' we move off into strange synth effects territory. A mid tempo sequencer pattern coincides with intermittent chord structures. The Jarre-esq string section returns together with a bass percussion loop and further sequencing. Additional light percussive elements take hold leading on to a steadier rhythm loop. Power chords and a bell-type theme are introduced eventually being taken over by a bright piano motif. The track transposes at around the 5-minute mark and continues along the same path to its end.
'Drifting Home (Bost Remix)' runs quickly into a mid tempo percussion loop underlying effective synth chords. Samples flute effects enter and eventually a steady and gentle theme is introduced. Piano orientated with additional mysterious chords this piece eventually finds solace in a sea of phased effects.
The final track 'Reentry' is the longest piece on the album at 8 minutes and begins in continuation of the previous track. Further effects are added and an intermittent sampled voice section, which appears at various intervals throughout the whole piece enters. A stable chord is introduced together with a suitable bass section. A slightly resonant percussion loop at around 4 minutes is added with underlying string section. A higher pitched theme then enters but is kept way back in the mix. For a brief period just the sequencer section and effects are to be heard over further delayed synth patterns. The piece then fries up again for one last chance of sonic oblivion.
This is an excellent album produced on an array of analogue and digital equipment which should appeal to anyone into the more cosmic side of Vangelis, Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Highly recommended!

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Erik Seifert - Aotearoa

Artist: Erik Seifert
P: 2006 
Not as easy listening as A Trip to Nebula..., Aotearoa needs more listening. A sign that shows a much more finicky work. I think it's more worked than his previous recordings. It's a superb musical voyage in New Zealand.
From Waitomo to Te Moeka O Tuawe Seifert draws 7 titles where the tribal influences mix with ease with its synthetic arrangements and its harmonious direction.
Seifert brings a particular touch with its usual beautiful harmonious sequences and the spiritual breaths of the first territories peoples. Aotearoa is a pretty good musical voyage. A title where the beats and the melodic rhythms are amalgamated with astonishing percussions and great arrangements as surprising as intense. If you like the melodic rhythm, the percussions and harmonious arrangements, with a zest of ambient, Aotearoa is made for you.

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Erik Seifert - Core

Artist: Erik Seifert
P: 2009 

The music on this CD could be the soundtrack to the CERN project in Bern /Switzerland.
Erik was influenced by this huge machine underneath the surface while he was making a shortmovie about it. So this is now, how it would sound, if the music could be heard through the long tube of the machine.
Technical sounds with an athmospheric background and perfect melodies with a smooth trance rhythm on top of it.


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Erik Seifert - Thrust Avis

Artist: Erik Seifert
P: 2004 

Seifert’s music is what we like, using synths that sound like synths, every note fully and unabashedly electronic from start to finish. His melodies are exceptionally strong. He reminds of the good synth releases that came out in the late 80s on Peter Baumann’s Private Music label, like Eddie Jobson’s Theme of Secrets and Patrick O’Hearn’s Ancient Dreams.
The synth sounds are smooth and light. It doesn’t sound like smooth jazz, but it has that quality about it in how it just flows so easily along. “Earthview” is perhaps the best example, a light shuffling beat, pillow soft synths and a gentle melody. Some are a little more upbeat, some are more easy listening, and some, like “Jet Pilot”, are a bit of both.
This CD would be a great bit of listening for a lazy sunny morning or afternoon.

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Triple S - Poles

Artist: Triple S
Max Schiefele (Maxxess), Erik Seifert, Josef Steinbuechel
P: 2011
Music inspired by the coldness and areas of the North and South pole.
The three musician manage to get these feelings into their music.

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Various Artists - 50 Jahre Planetenmodell Hagen

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2008
9 Artists gave their new tracks for this space compilation. Stefan Erbe asked the artists to join this project and they followed with outstanding unique tracks. It is music to announce the 50 year jubilee of the planetmodel based in Hagen / Germany. Each musician composed his track with one of the 9 planets in mind. So each track is different but in all it is a wonderful selection of space dedicated tracks.

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Various Artists - E-Day 2010

Artist: David Wright, Erik Seifert, FSP, Code Indigo
P: 2010
LTD 500
5 new Tracks, exclusive for this CD.

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