Ethnic cross-culture music from Zann members, with a brighter more varied music, with nods back to Popol Vuh and Tri Atma, but also a sidestep from the new-age.
Hjalmar Karthaus, Peter Kluge, Udo Winkler, Wilfried Moge
Apeiron + Vasudeva - Mirror Images

Artist:  Apeiron + Vasudeva
P:  2001

This album seems very much inspired by music found in the mystical East. Much of it makes use of ethnic type rhythms and flute though it does have an 'Electric' feel to it from time to time. Where as I wouldn't say that on the whole this style of music is really my cup of tea I must admit to finding it very pleasant and it did make a nice change from my usual sequencer driven favourites. The first track 'Stonegarden' consists of just slow drums and a flute and certainly leaves you in do doubt as to where the musicians inspirations for this album lie. 'Green Island Suite' is split into three sections the first has a slow droning beginning but then there is a sudden quickening of the pace as sitar and tablas come in. The electronics backing it are perfect and this was one of my favourite sections on the whole CD as it had real umph to it and the melodies were extremely pleasant. Its then all change as we enter the second section. It sounds much more ethnic consisting mainly of chimes and tablas. The final section is more electronic with a really nice synth lead but joined by more ethnic drums and what I assume is the sitar again but really I know very little about such instruments. Again I found it very appealing but if you have an aversion to the sound of 'Eastern promise' it probably won't be for you. 'My hole in the ground' makes use of simple percussive instruments and a didgeridoo. 'Echoes of Childhood' begins with more slow ethnic drumming and appropriately the faint sound of children (very processed). It plods along very nicely and I found it very relaxing and peaceful. The piano sound low in the mix was a particularly nice touch and showed a real invention in the mixing of cultures. 'Gongalongagong', hardly surprisingly makes heavy use of gongs and other, mainly metallic based percussion. I half expected some Krishna's to be credited in the booklet but they weren't. Not really to my taste but very well done. 'Awakening' begins with ambient nature sounds out of which more metallic percussion emerges. It brings up images of being in a garden of a Buddhist temple. A repeated motif is introduced and the drumming subsides a little only to return when the motif disappears. There is also more evidence of a cross cultural mix as a melody on what sounds like a trumpet can be heard from time to time. There is no way it should work but amazingly it does. 'Nataraja' has some background recordings of people speaking a language I can't understand with synth touches over the top. Its all extremely atmospheric. The trumpet type sound comes back and for some reason I couldn't stop thinking of Clint Eastwood in a 'Fist Full of Dollars'! 'Folktune' is apparently an arrangement of a traditional Nepalese piece and rather reminded me of a very stripped down version of the old 'Monsoon' track. This is a very brave CD extremely well done and even an out and out retro freak like me got a lot out of it but I can't really see it being popular within EM circles. I hope Lambert (who's label this is on) manges to introduce it to other markets which might be more receptive as it deserves to sell well.

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Vasudeva - Journey to Lhasa

Artist:  Vasudeva
P:  1992

Relaxing sounds with asiatic influences.

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