Kinet, Alain

The belgium musician Alain Kinet creates wonderful sound installations with nice synthesizersounds overlayed.
The music reminds to the Fax-Records releases. Together with Peter Brutin he founded the project Thurim.

Kinet, Alain
Alain Kinet - Dubai

Artist: Alain Kinet
P: 2011
Here the belgium artist catches the spirit of the town Dubai. With lots of environmental soundscapes along with long fading ambientsounds he produces a sentimental mood.
This production could be named in a row with the Fax Records releases in the similiar style.

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Syndromeda - Inside the Mental Hospital  (2CD)

Artist: Syndromeda
P: 2023
Danny Budts invited friends to compose a double album about psychiatric hospitals. Very dense, dark and impressive music, that lets you feel about the atmosphere of threatening circumstances.
Very familiar to fans of Syndromeda, but this time added with the participation of other musicians. This gives the album a great richness of teamwork.

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