Hemisphere comprised of the German duo of Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt, although Reinhardt did not appear until 1996. Most of their CDs are mastered by Ron Boots.
The music of HEMISPHERE is full of dark, ambient sound structures with sometimes percussion loops and rhythm patterns. Ralf was apparently inspired by Jim Morrison.
In 2005 Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel died.

Hemisphere - Attachment X

Artist: Hemisphere
P: 2002

This 2002 release features 77 minutes of densely structured electronic music.
Hemisphere is: Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt, with Petia Huschle providing lush vocal harmonics.
Concrete walls of dark sound waver into view, eclipsing the night with their powerful bulk. Grand sweeps of electronic rushes blend with dramatic percussive elements, achieving impassioned expressions of ultimate fulfillment. Rapid-fire sequencing flows like savage electron rivers, bombarding the void with mysterious effect, elevating vibrant pulsations into a realm of perpetual crescendo. The cosmic wail of space guitar appears frequently, adding fiery enhancement to the surging sonic ecology. Tension runs rampant, tempered with a reverent undercurrent that tingles the hairs at the back of the neck. Symphonic textures demonstrate scarce restraint as they expand to fill the air, crowding out all hesitation or uncertainty. This music demands attention, delivering a solid dose of melodic thunderheads that soar through stratospheric heights on their way to epic resolution.
Sourced from compositions created between 1995 and 2001 (including one section generated in 1991), this dramatic soundscape is a monument to the type of electronic music that instills awe in even the most dubious skeptic. This music is rich with inspiration, and much of that sentiment intentionally spills over into the audience's head.

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Hemisphere - Beast in the Heat

Artist: Hemisphere
P: 2003

Beast in the Heat is one of the finest CD’s in the new European e-music tradition. Ralf and Thorsten surround heavy and prolonged sequences with vast atmospheres and deep drones. They surround the atmospheres and drones with sequences. The structure resembles a Max Escher print.
The music flows constantly with no beginning and no end. The most unique feature of this disc is, however, its organic sequences. Very few artists are able to create sci-fi sequences with organic textures. Ralf and Thorsten are two of them
. By combining elements from Ambient, Atmospheric Pop, Synth-Pop, Techno and Trance, Hemisphere create compositions where the melodies of a sensual, romantic hue, not lacking in mystery, have an important role. The emotional air of the music is emphasized by the warm textures of the synthesizers.
The rhythms, of a rather slow nature, yet often powerful, complex and with an important percussive component, complement tbe basic approach of this album.

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Hemisphere - Destination Infinity

Artist: Hemisphere
P: 1992/ 2006

In 1992, Ralf’s second album as Hemisphere, “Destination Infinity”, was released on the German label Musique Intemporelle. In 2006 this version was remastered by Ron Boots and an additional dark Bonus Track was now included.
During the times of “Destination Infinity”, Ralf’s music was a perfect mixture of progressive rhythmic electronic rock and ambient atmospheres. Sometimes, there is still a small hint of musicians like Tangerine Dream, but clearly the distinguished “Hemisphere-sound” can already be heard. A sound that later became renowned and household.
Great and warm ambient pieces like “Deep Cut”, “Moments Of Darkness”, the title track and “Final Memories” prove that. Sequences also play a part in the music: “Turing Point”, “Exiting Impression” and “Tales Of The Backside” are fine examples of this.
“Destination Infinity” is one of the many highlights in the career of Ralf Knappe Heinbockel.
Hemisphere: a name that has to be remembered.


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Hemisphere - Early Reflection 1980-1990

Artist: Hemisphere
P: 1997

Magnificent retrospective album by Ralf-Knappe Heinbockel containing previously unreleased material from his early years. His dense non-rhythmical analogue soundscapes guarantee a very enjoyable hour of music you shouldn't miss!
Composed, performed and produced by Ralf-Knappe Heinbockel between 1980-1990.
Premastering by Ron Boots and Ralf-Knappe Heinbockel at the Dreamscape Studio, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in March 1997
Ralf-Knappe Heinbockel - Roland System 700, PPG 2.2, Yamaha CS 30, Kiwi, Korg Polysix, Moog Prodigy

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Hemisphere - Intruders

Artist: Hemisphere
P:  1995

For this album Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel heads for more darker territory. "Intruders" presents a more darker side of his Hemisphere's music, for which Ron Boots constructed some nice soundeffects and enviRONmentals to connect most of the tracks with eachother.
An album which will do late at night.

Here the last copy!


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Hemisphere - Liquid Mirror

Artist: Hemisphere
P:  1991 / 1999

This album was released in 1991 on the Musique Intemporelle-label but was deleted for a while. Now, here is a completely new 20-bit remastered version (done by Ron Boots).
In 1991, Hemisphere was still a solo-project by Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel. All of the titles have something to do with water. The interesting thing about Hemisphere is the mixture between great atmospheric pieces and more melodical rhythmic stuff. The first track "Water - Colours", for instance, bears a strong ongoing rhythm which accompanies beautiful floating sounds (for example from the than very popular D50). Pieces like In "The Deep", "Below Sealevel" (with 14:43 the longest track) and the title-track (Part I and II) have an overall colourful feeling. "Touch The Waves" however, with samples from whales, is more dramatic and in the bonus-tracks "Liquid Mirror Part III and IV" you get the feeling that you are deep in the water, perhaps on board of the seaQuest. This is a great album and it is good that it’s available again.
"Liquid Mirror" is the 1st album of Hemisphere  This, fully remastered, re-release contains some bonus-music not available on the original, very succesfull debut of Hemisphere. "Liquid Mirror" offers a great collection of vast provoking rhythmic and non-rhythmic soundscapes, which would later on become on of the major trademark of Hemisphere.........


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Hemisphere - Rambling Voyage

Artist: Hemisphere
P:  2004

The German duo Hemisphere are masters in the field of melodically ambient music, provided with a rhythmic twist. Their music is highly appreciated in the ranks of electronic music fans, which is quite rightly because it always comes with a standard high quality.
“Rambling Voyage” will be no exception of this: again Ralf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt have managed to mix the many faces of electronic music into an intriguing whole.
Starting off in a slightly relaxing mood in “About Suggestion” they move into more darker zones in the longer tracks like “Night Of The Living Machine” (with sequencer lines that remind of Tangerine Dream from the end of the seventies), “Image”, “Flow Motion part 1”, “Flow Motion part 2”, and the beginning of “Crash”.
At other times (“Oscillation”, the rest of “Crash”, the title track) the album has a more modern touch and Reinhardt can show his great skills on the electric guitar.
For all the sides that the duo shows, counts the same thing: the melodic essence of their music is never forgotten. And then there is also “Liquid Mirror part 5”, as a follow-up of the 1991 album “Liquid Mirror” that is regarded as an electronic music classic. This track was already recorded in 1994.
If “Rambling Voyage” will also be heralded a classic in the future is something we can only guess. But one thing is for sure: this album is another great piece of work by one of the most interesting names in electronic music today.
Hemisphere are Ralf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.330 11/2022
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 330
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Various Artists - Out there lies the Truth

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1996
This is the first CD in the series of music inspired by the popular SF- series "The X-Files", being a overall succes untill now.
The album blends out with catchy electronic music ranging from dynamic and up-tempo tracks to fascinating, overwhelming soundtextures, ending with the great, dancelike track "The Machine" by Ron Boots and Eric van der Heijden.
In 1996, the good folks at Groove Unlimited, set out to do a CD of music inspired by the internationally popular television series, "The X-Files." Rather than leave the project to a single artiste, they gathered a group of talented electronicians and turned them loose in the studio. The result was "Out there Lies the Truth" (a very subtle pun). The CD features Ron Boots, Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel (a.k.a. Hemisphere), Johannes Munz, Robert Marselje, Kees Aerts, Jean Paul van Engelen, Eric van der Heijden and Harold van der Heijden.
The pairings were inspired and dynamic! The diversity of electronic styles delivers a melange of eclectic grabbers. This CD has it all - and then some! The styles range from dense atmospheres to rhythmic ambience to overt sequences.
The feelings evoked are mysterious, scary and ethereal. (Being only vaguely familiar with the show, I can only relate to the sci-fi atmosphere in general.) The soundscapes are majestic; the atmospheres are expansive; the experimental overtones are eerie.
I had feelings of impending doom juxtaposed by feelings of joy at new discoveries. The limits of my musical boundaries were stretched and I found myself listening again and again (and again!) to this electronic treasure.
Finally, the excellent production and sound quality of the album makes it a feast to listen to.

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