Rocchetti, Claudio

Born in Bozen (Italy) in 1976.
After experiencing the straight-edge hardcore scene, he began exploring the many realms of noise.
Rocchetti is now working on the composition of cinematic musical landscapes with the aid of old rare records, dusty analogue instruments as source material (old radios, customized turntables, grammophones...).
Rocchetti, Claudio
Claudio Rocchetti - Every Live Is Problem Solving

Artist: Claudio Rocchetti
P:  2011
Four live sets from Berlin, Brussels, Bologna and Geneva. A suggestive gallery of abstract images, confused fragments of life and real living experiences, sights of urban landscapes... Noisy and electronic interferences, mechanical machines movements, concrete noises, low frequences fluxes, hissing sounds,  interferences, but also melodic acoustic guitar pieces, human voices and other field recordings... A brave, uncompromising and heterogeneous "decomposed" mosaic of avantgarde sound art beyond time, beyond any point of view and any geometric coordinates.

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