The musician from Nürnberg / Germany plays drums, percussion and keyboards.
TYA - Akwaba

Artist: TYA
P: 2003
With his 2001 album "Tribal Sutras", German composer and musician Martin Scherl, mastermind of the formation "TYA" (pronounced t:sch:ya, an Aboriginal word meaning "Mother Earth"), had a very successful debut, both in Europe and in the United States.
 Martin plays keyboards and drums  also utilising extensive programming and samples. During a long stay in Australia, where he spent much of his time making music with the native aborigines, Scherl  was profoundly impressed with their ability to see themselves as part of a whole - his music clearly expresses this sense of oneness.  Many years  experience of  Afro-American music styles  and a careful study of various exotic music traditions have further broadened Martin Scherl’s musical horizon.
The music on the new album "Akwaba" ( welcome in Ghanaian ) retains all the qualities of the debut recording, but adds new kinds of sounds and grooves, new exciting dimensions to the TYA sound.

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