A new exciting project from England entitled Cop Show. Pete Stanley from Birmingham and Marcus Fry from Taunton met in a conventional electronic rock band in 1998, Pete as lead vocalist and Marcus as keyboard player. After working together for quite a while they started to think about their own musical directions. At first working on a live electro-pop project, performing with female vocalists. Then, after moving into an altogether more atmospheric mood to suit their own personal influences, Peters' being 70's analogue synth sounds and Marcus, a fascination with electronic/synthetic keyboard sounds, they came up with a highly individual blend of warm, chilling and sometimes sinister melodies and superb incidental vocals, now culminating in their first project release, Cop Show - Episode One.
Copshow - Episode One

Artist: Copshow
P 2002
Elektrolux e1110101cd

„Episode One“ is a virtual soundtrack that offers much more and some peoples imaginations will create different images when they hear the music of Copshow. It’s an unique album that covers a wide range of musical influences such as electronia, jazz, filmscores among others. An amazing listening experience that will cause astir on the international music scene!

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