Saiz, Suso

Spanish composer, guitar player, producer... Born in Cádiz in 1957. He was a pioneer of New Age music in Spain. In 1980 he founded La Orquesta de las Nubes.
Saiz, Suso
Jorge Reyes + Suso Saiz - Cronica de Castas

Artist:  Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz
P: 1991
Ambientmusic that sounds like Steve Roach and Robert Rich or just Solitaire with mexican influences.

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Suso Saiz + Juan Mari Beltran - Egurraren Orpotik Dator...

Artist: Suso Saiz & Joxan Goikoetxea
& Juan Mari Beltran
P: 1993
Also Klaus Wiese is a guestmusician within these complex tracks. Some traditional mexican instruments are played together with native Instruments and synthesizer.

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Suso Saiz - Symbols

Artist: Suso Saiz
P: 1992

Reverebed guitarsounds from the distance, in the way of Roach and Jorge Reyes at the time of the beginning of the 90s. This was on of the first releases at Bernd Kistenmacher Musique Intemporelle label.

Here the last copy!


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