Voyager Project

... an existing Project for nearly three decades.
The electronic musician Thomas C. Brueck initiated and developed project, which create electronic music, produced and distributed. The Voyager Project produces electronic music in its base to the classical music of this principle, better known under the names 'Berlin School'.
A demonstration of the range and creativity of the project, over and over again, starting from a musical base. On the way to reach people and their feelings.
The music is sometimes experimental, 'classic', danceable, or find in the field of film and television production. One can say that at least every album has a different theme and always implementing new ideas.
The Voyager Project is depending on production, varying from one members and is also similar instruments that are more common in the orchestral environment.
In the broader sense can also be called an ethno-eletrotechnical-music, because in addition to the integration of analog instruments, the natural and the man with the interaction between music / musicians and listeners in the foreground.
Besides the development of 'The Voyager Project' in composition, technique, implementation of stage performance and the publication of various titles for various electronic music albums and samplers (as samplers: Millennium Compilation - cat music / 2001 Album: edition electronique - Ohrenlust / 2006, MACRO - TVP-Art & Music Group / 2011, EVOLUTION - TVP-Art & Music Group / 2012, DANCE TRACKS 2012 - TVP-Art & Music Group / 2012) , promoted and produced including Thomas C. Brueck international music productions.
Despite or because of the variety 'new' technical tools that are available today in production of electronic music available is Thomas C. Brueck its kind to produce remained largely true to its roots in the 'Berlin School'. Even for very long and danceable live performances, these roots are hard to hear and form the basis of musical creation.
Voyager Project
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.210 11/12
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 210

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The Voyager Project - Edition Electronique

Artist: The Voyager Project
P: 2007    
Due to popular demand, the almost legendary production 'Edition Electronique' finally appears on CD, newly remastered and changed slightly.
Melodic electronique pieces with Berlin School influences.

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