Bernard, James

He is producing and releasing electronic music since 1993 under many different monikers. One minute working on some epic bass style track, the next an ambient/electro-infused texture.
Bernard, James
James Bernard - Atmospherics

Artist: james Bernard
P: 1994
James Bernard's Atmospherics is one of the best ambient works of 1994. Rising High delivered some excellent ambient and trance during those days. This is widely known as one of the best.
Euph starts the cd with a deep, ominous and eerie beginning to what will be a wonderful trip into space. Complete Nonsense changes that. Your ship just went on remote auto pilot and you get redirected into a sci-fi interference like you landed on the wrong planet. Last minute of that song bridging to Helix sounds like Brian Enos Apollo release. Helix takes you out of harms way and back on your original mission. As it floats you about in awe it then cuts and Phosphorous begins to build. More eerie sci-fi melodics and voice samples like "it just won't stop singing in my head" and "the most difficult thing I've ever tried is to clear the mind". Acid line comes out over bassline nearly making this a trance track without the beat. Thankfully it does not here. Mars Rain is exactly how it sounds. As the song progresses the thunder sounds like bombs a little bit which makes the track even more eerie. Lost in It starts with goose bump keyboard tones and builds to a majestic peak and you reach your mission objective. FM rewards you for the heavy listening of Lost in It and easies you down to take a breather and enjoy your trip. Odyssey gives you time to reflect and recount your journey in your journal. But you are not alone...

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