Busso de la Lune

Busso De La Lune is a one man project by Piotr Jurczak who hails from Andrychów, a city in the south of Poland. He is a famous polish musician in the ambient scene.
Busso de la Lune
Busso de la Lune - Hidden

Artist: Busso de la Lune
P: 2006
Despite the fact that Piotr Jurczak lives and works in his native Poland, his choice of nom-de-musique and his musical attitude is so akin to soft but dark Italian ambientists like Oöphoi and Alio Die that it reflects that family resemblance.And "Hidden", his latest beauty, has in fact been released bythe former´s own house label.
Each of the first four pieces, devised 2005-06, is named after one of the cardinal points of the compass, while the penultimate track encompasses "All Directions" andt he finale zeroes in on the "Epicenter".
Unlike a majority of beatless ambient artists who wish to or inevitably end up evoking pastoral scenes and moods (when not lost in space), Busso de la Lune seems to be much more at home in the city, taking pleasure in the ("hidden"?)intercourse between nature and civilization - rain spattering against concrete sidewalks and the windows of soaring steel and metal skyscrapers. Upon this base he tests the timbres and echoes of various devices at hand -hollowed-out woods, a xylophone, the human voice. The deep inhale and exhale of the third track sounds like the very lungs of the city expanding and contracting. On the fourth point of the compass he hangs twinkling stars of pin-prick sound high up in the night sky, miles above the listener´s ears.
"All Directions"could easily serve as the soundtrack for a riveting, wordless, twenty-three minute noir movie, with its suggestive wash of sound, sensually stroked up right bass and aimlessly wandering footsteps on rain soaked pavement, eventually and seamlessly seguing into the - gasp! - "melody" that is the closer.

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