Rother, Anthony

Anthony Rother (* 29. April 1972 in Frankfurt am Main) is a german electronic musician and founder of various labels.
Rother, Anthony
Anthony Rother - 62 Minutes on Mars

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2012
AW 070
This album is a metaphor for life. The topic 'Mars' is the projection screen.
It represents a society dominated by money and materialism. The results of this we see when we look at the planet Mars of today.
The music is a journey in the orbit of this planet. One floats in the highest orbit on the brink of space and thus in the area of conflict between reality and fiction.
Here the re-release on the Ambient-World label.

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Anthony Rother - Fuse 5

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2009
This is a compilation of remixed tracks by Anthony Rother, all from the belgium label Fuse.
The 2nd Cd contains the original works.

15,90 EUR
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Anthony Rother - Super Space Model Promo

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2006

Finest techno trance electronic music.
Equipment used:
Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, Novation Drumstation, Elektron ESI Machinedrum, Minimoog Voyager, OSC Oscar, MacBeth Studio Systems M5, Roland Promars, Roland SH-101, Roland JX-8P, Alesis Ion, Alesis A6 Andromeda, Clavia Nordlead 3, Clavia Nord Modular G2X, Access Virus TI Polar, Fender Squier, Analogue Solutions Oberkorn, TASCAM TM-D4000, SPL Kultube, Neumann TLM 103, Universal Audio 6176, TC 2290, TC M-One, SND SAM-16, Logic Audio.


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Anthony Rother - The Machine Room

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2011
AW 069

After an eight-year break, Anthony Rother is back with a solo album on FAX. He worked on this album for a year and the result is outstanding.
The music is based on a story of a factory worker who supervises and controls the machines in a huge steelworks.
His thoughts and dreams have been infiltrated … the machine is everywhere he goes.
Hypnotic sequencing and soundtrack-like, monumental atmospheres are part of this masterpiece.

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Various Artists - Elektro Codes. Three

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2000
Elektrolux e1001001cd
After three years of heavily promoting the sound of Nu Elektro, Frankfurt/Germany based Elektrolux label has placed itself among the leading contemporary forces of this classic genre. Besides the release of numerous CD-, LP- and 12”- solo outings by state-of-the-art acts, the label has been responsible for the groundbreaking various artists compilations Elektro Codes. One and Elektro Codes. Two. With the recent, absolutely essential Elektro Codes. Three DoCD collection featuring many previously unreleased tracks, this excellent series reaches another height. IThe outstanding selection includes artists like Anthony Rother, N)E(M, The Sushi Club, Mas 2008, Little Computer People (Karl Bartos RMX), Autopilot, Mobile Space Unit, Index ID, Dr. Scissors, Quantum Leap, ÜNN, Drøn and more!

18,90 EUR
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