Lawler, Paul

The synthesizermusic of the UK based musician, also known as Max van Richter, Arcane
Lawler, Paul
Arcane - 33 1/3 RPM

Artist: Arcane
P: 2004

'33 1/3 RPM Side 1' opens with unmistakable Mellotron refrains, mingled with church organ then choir. The anticipation is palpable. A laid back sequence emerges and the most beautiful 'tron flute interplays with the atmospherics. This is as much about space as content, the poignant moments of silence between the sequence lines make the music shine in contrast. The lights have to come down at this point, this music demands full attention. The simplistic sequence fades as more 'tron flutes exult a mesmerizing bridging section. The sequence them re-emerges with a slightly more complex texture. The way the synth lines interplay with the delicate pulsations is genius. The merest smattering of percussion is introduced, the individual elements remain simplistic yet the sum of the parts is mind blowing. A beautiful synth refrain which Schmoelling would be proud of tops out the structure. Mesmeric effects are then joined by Hammond organ and flute/choir to create another extended bridging section. Subliminally the sequences re-awaken and the full collection of elements are then combined to wonderful effect. An amazing opener.
On to '33 1/3 RPM Side 2' which initially presents more atmospheric magnificence. This is a brilliant section, wouldn't be out of place on the into/outro to 'Rubycon'. The track then begins to take true shape, as subtle sequence lines build underpinned by synth themes. It's very much a sibling to 'Side 1' but slightly more fleshed out and up tempo. The rhythmics suddenly consolidate and some totally fantastic flute refrains break through. Suddenly we're in the realms of a chilled out 'Dystopian Fictions' as a Logos style sequence is joined by another Arcane trademark - a totally infectious theme which infuses the mind. Total magnificence. The track then takes a temporary breather then emerges again, this time even more invigorated. The whole album has been building to this moment, Arcane fans will sit back and revel in the infectious glory. In the days of vinyl, 40 minutes was a healthy offering and I'd have been happy if they'd left it there. But as an added bonus there are three more tracks included here, none of which found their way onto previous albums. 'Dr. Wutzke's Psychedelic Wonder Machine' comes from the 'Thieves' soundtrack, and is in fairly stark contrast to the previous two tracks with up tempo, insistent, sequencing and strident synth themes. 'Silent Thief on a Desert Train' was taken from a rehearsal for the 'Milton Mount' gig and features menacing sequencing which builds gradually to a wonderful cacophony of pulsations, decorated by synth pads of various guises.
Lastly, but by no means leastly, we get 'The Taxidermist' and what a superb track this is! Again an unreleased soundtrack piece, this time from the film 'Ignitor', it is a sumptuously melodic outing with mesmeric sequencing and memorable themes. Wonderfully understated and all the more powerful for it, this track will come as a revelation to those who have cherished the low quality recordings taken from one of the rare broadcasts in the late 70's.
Overall this is an enthralling album. It has a more blissed-out feeling to 'Alterstill' and especially 'Future Wreck', but the key features that make Arcane one of the very top EM bands of the moment can be found in abundance. The remastering has been handled very well, the packaging is great, it really is another outstanding chapter in this band's already illustrious portfolio.
Quite simply a "must buy".

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Arcane - E-Day 2017

Artist: Arcane
P: 2017

Live set from E-day 2017. Recorded on April 29th at 'The Enck' theater , Eindhoven.
Due to a minor technical problem while recording this concert,
a small number of the solo lines have been re-recorded in the studio
to keep the integrity of the music intact.

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Ian Boddy + Paul Lawler - Commercial Breaks Thirty

Artist: Ian Boddy & Paul Lawler
P: 2007  
New Age, Atmospheric & Ambient.
Moods and atmospheres in commercial lengths.
9 tracks out of 33 by Ian Boddy.
9 tracks by Paul Lawler

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Ian Boddy + Paul Lawler - New Age, Atmospheric, Ambient

Artist: Ian Boddy / Paul Lawler / David Kelly / Simon Stewart
P: 2009
The four musicians have compsed 33 tracks to cover the moods of the CD title. And they succed very well. Slow and mid tempo titles with nice melodies and gentle synths tunes.

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Max van Richter - Resurrection

Artist: Max van Richter
P: 2002
At last the long prophesied album by ex Arcane member Max van Richter is released. The story of how this album came to be is strange indeed, for more details see the footnote to the review. However, in keeping with the Arcane albums, it encapsulates and extends the classic melodic/sequencer style which TD used to perfection in the early 80's.
The opening title track demonstrates this perfectly, building on a wave of pulsations it produces a massive symphonic melody which sticks in the mind long after the piece ends. In many ways this is another Arcane trait, the infectious nature of the pieces is undeniable and completely irresistible.
'The House of Visual Transference' repeats the recipe, a sumptuous flowing concoction of heavy symphonic themes and low pulsating sequences, topped by robust drum lines. 'The Abduction Syndrome' opens with superb electronic effects and builds the atmosphere superbly. A sequence opens up reminiscent in mood to those on 'Sorcerer', then more melodic and intricate sequencing takes over. It's great! The synth themes blend perfectly with the structure, the track changes emphasis and style but never loses its grip. As 'Prophecy' opens up a distinguishing feature starts to emerge from the Arcane material. Max's own work seems to have a harder perhaps slightly darker and symphonic (but no less melodic) edge. Instead of 'Livemiles' or 'Logos' the style is slightly more towards the melodic/sequential parts of 'Thief', 'Sorcerer' and 'Firestarter' for example.
'Psychokinetic Hymn' reveals a slightly lighter edge, opening with a delightful sequence which builds from simplistic roots into a mesmeric collage. The patterns then fade to leave a silky ambience which invites another sequence to emerge. The lighter stance remains but, oh, the melody. So infectious, it acts almost as a premature close to the album such is the magnificent nature. But no, two more tracks remain. 'The City of Walking Hallucinations' opens in more subdued fashion but soon bursts into a symphonic crescendo, constantly underpinned by superb sequencing. Piano and guitar detail give the piece a slightly modern edge, but it's still all in keeping with the van Richter sound. Finally 'Last Exit' opens with chugging rhythm and sequence but again the piece builds into a heavyweight piece with massive symphonic chords meshed with guitar style detail.
Debate still occasionally surfaces about the pro's and con's of using comparisons in reviews, but when you hear an album like this it is totally appropriate to make comparison with the very best EM ever made. Had Schmoelling or Froese released this as a long lost TD solo work no-one would have batted an eyelid as to its credentials, and it's stature as one of the best solo albums to emerge from the scene.
It is totally magnificent, totally captivating, totally essential.


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Paul Lawler &  Mark Holland - Planting the Seed

Artist: Paul Lawler &  Mark Holland
P: 2007
Planting the Seed is the first in the highly anticipated Earth Series collection of recordings from Gemini Sun Records. This beautifully and sensitively composed sequence of native songs from Paul Lawler and Mark Holland remind us of our deep connection to Earth and how we all play a vital role in its preservation. Each package containing the CD has been specially designed to be planted in the ground yielding an abundance of wildflowers. Take time to give back by planting this package in a place that has a special meaning to you. By doing this, you pass on the fertile knowledge that we are all here as one, and finding beauty is only an arms reach away.

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Paul Lawler (Arcane) - Hollywood-Deadly Action

Artist: Paul Lawler
P: 1999

Music for the big blockbusting movies.

Here the last copy!

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Paul Lawler - Bronx Age

Artist: Paul Lawler
P: 1997

His debut release from 1997 offers 58 minutes of powerful electronic music.
A versatile array of electronics operate in conjunction with e-perc to produce stirring tuneage. Many of the sounds are keyboard triggered, but a percentage are textural in nature, yet flow with greater puissance than a normal atmospheric demeanor. This generally stalwart character infuses the music with a vibrant authority, escalating the importance of each chord to incredible proportion.
Keyboards generate a wide variety of sounds, from delicate to sparkling to darkly ominous to robustly demonstrative. This full range of temperament provides the music with a delightful potency that is excessively applied to produce tantalizing tuneage.
An amount of sampling is employed, further fleshing out the melodies with different horns and other instruments, expanding the music to a comprehensive level. The percussion is powerful, throbbing with evocative command and lending ample propulsion to the already vigorous melodies. The rhythms are complex, multitracked to boost their verve to awesome scope.
Lawler's compositional expertise is remarkably capable. These songs pulsate with bouncy vitality and captivating charm. They resound with prestige and portentous appeal. At the same time, the melodies convey strong emotional content, stimulating a diversity of moods.

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Paul Lawler - Sleep Easy

Artist: Paul Lawler
P: 2011
With it's non-intrusive instrumentation and long quieter passages intertwined with gentle natural sounds this specially composed music will help you drift naturally into a deep sleep.  Either listen to the CD when in bed at night, before an afternoon nap or even relaxing in an armchair and you should be able to switch off and immerse yourself in the music and slowly fall into a tranquil and calm sleep.
There are many well known benefits of sleep and some of these are:

  • It relaxes the mind
  • It can help relieve aches and tiredness
  • It can help steady blood pressure
  • It can refresh your body
  • An excellent medicine for some physical and psychological conditions
  • Help release deeply stored thoughts
  • It can help promote a peaceful and tranquil demeanour
This beautiful relaxing CD is also great background accompaniment as you go about your day.  It is intended to relax and refresh your mind.

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Paul Lawler - Sundance

Artist: Paul Lawler
P: 2007
Debut album on the New World Music label. This album features the sounds of the Native American flutes, Guitars, Bansuri, and lots more.

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