Musso, Robert

Robert Musso is a New York City-based guitarist, composer, engineer,and producer. He is the founder of the independent record label MuWorks as well as the recently launched Over the course of a 25 year career, working on any side of the mic, Musso has produced, mixed, re-mixed, played on, written, or otherwise contributed to over 1000 records, CDs, movie soundtracks, etc. on every continent in the world except Antarctica.
Musso, Robert
Transonic 2 - Virtual Current

Artist: Robert Musso & Bill Laswell = Transonic
P 1994
PS 08/67
LTD: 1000
The follow up album to the first Transonic CD which was also out on FAX. The new album reminds of the first one but is even deeper and more spacy. Also it is more ambient oriented and contains less beats. Bill Laswell plays the bass again.

14,90 EUR
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