Neuronium is a Spanish electronic music group created by Michel Huygen in 1976. The official biography claims Quasar 2C361 (1977) to be the first cosmic music album recorded in Spain. Over 30 albums have been released under the name of Neuronium.
Michel Huygen - Kryptyk

Artist: Michel Huygen
P: 2018
New melodic tracks like Neuronium style. Inspired by the Santa Monica promenade in california.

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Neuronium + Vangelis - In London New 2022 Mix

Artist: Neuronium & Vangelis
P: 1981/ 2007 / 2022
This new release contains the longer version of IN LONDON (After Hours) , never released previously as it is now on the release in Japan, and also worldwide from Germany
Vangelis & Neuronium the platinum edition. 30th anniversary. During that unforgettable session in 1981, Vangelis and the members of Neuronium made some of the most lucid samples that could be made with synthesizers in the world of cosmic electronic music. Although the original work was recorded by Vangelis on an analog system, at the legendary nemo studio in London, Huygen’s technical expertise has completely remastered the sounds with improved mixing. Listening to the album takes you back to the sound of Vangelis/Neuronium at the end of the 70’s start of the 80’s with the analog sound, sequencers and symphonic atmospheres dominating all other sounds.
However this cd is not just for nostalgia enthusiasts and collectors: the true electronic music in its most cosmic aspect shines through in all its splendor.
Recommended for: instrumental chill out music. Can be used for meditation, as background music for studying or for attentive and profound listening to experience different musical shades.
The use of headphones is recommended.
The legendary session between Neuronium and Vangelis recorded in London at famous Nemo Studios.
Totally 24-bit remastered for this definitive and Platinum edition. A collector's piece on a new luxury finishing and pressing.

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Neuronium - Alma

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1987 / 1997
Alma (Soul) was originally released in 1987 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band Neuronium. It contained historical material from a whole decade in which the most important electronic music band settled in Spain showed everything they had been able to do. An unreleased track "Amigo" was also included. This piece was well known in Spain as it was the main theme of a TV show called "La Tarde" (The Evening). This is the CD rerelease ten years later with totally remixed, remastered and edited tracks by Huygen.

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Neuronium - Numerica

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1990
Fronted by Michel Huygen, this contains what he refers to as 'psychotronic' music. The music is less upbeat than Tangerine Dream and the like, though it has those moments too. The emphasis is on more free flowing chord textures, similar in style to Richard Burmer, but with an undeniable European sensibility.

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Neuronium - Supranatural

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1986
His 9th release. It's generally flowing spacey electronics, mostly analog, in other words, a classic.

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Neuronium - The Harvest Years (Quasar 2C361 + Vuelo Quimico)

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1977 / 2023
Includes the two first Neuronium albums "Quasar 2C361" and "Vuelo Quimico".

CD 1 recorded in Barcelona in November, 1977.
CD 2 recorded at EMI-Barcelona in September, 1978.
Digitally remastered at Estudios Onyria, BCN.

Absolutly the best Berlin School tracks


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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.212 01/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 212

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V/A - Ambient Nation Vol. 4

Artist: Neuronium, Venja, Rhea, Nisus u.a.
P: 2014
LTD 150
Great sampler by some of the finest Belgian EM artists Digipack de-luxe edition in a super limited edition of 150 copies only!.

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V/A - Chaweng Chill-Out Samui Dreams

Artist: Neuronium,Pascal Languirand u.a.
P: 2007
An exclusive collection of chill-out music inspired by the nights of Samui.
The new compilation featuring the work NEURONIUM RECORDS 10 different artists, dedicated to Samui Island in Thailand.To enjoy the chill-out music, modern, relaxing, positive and vital ideal for setting and enjoy intimate and special moments.

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V/A - Zukunftsmusik

Artist: Neuronium, Vagelis, Grosskopf, Leifeld u.a.
P: 1993
Collection of tracks from the 4U / CMS label. Tracks from releases that are already deleted.

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Various Artists - E-Live 1999/2002

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2003
Unreleased new tracks by the listed artists. The tracks were recorded during 3 E-Live festivals.


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Various Artists - The Future Of Music... Now. Vol. 1

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2002
This is a compilation of the Neuronium label which features the best tracks of the listed artists.

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