Neuronium is a Spanish electronic music group created by Michel Huygen in 1976. The official biography claims Quasar 2C361 (1977) to be the first cosmic music album recorded in Spain. Over 30 albums have been released under the name of Neuronium.
Neuronium - From Madrid to Heaven

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1989
The concerts in in the Planetarium of Madrid constitute probably the most wonderful carried out sonic and visual experience by Michel Huygen and Tomás C.Gilsanz, since the projections of paintings of T.C.Gilsanz take place on the vault of the Planetarium using 48 slide projectors drived by computer. The music is slow, melancholic and full of emotions.
During these concerts of the Planetarium of Madrid, the music is digitally live recorded: an album is released worldwide with the title of FROM MADRID TO HEAVEN (Neuronium in concert).


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Neuronium - Hydro

Artist: Neuronium
P: 2006/ 2007
Michel Huygen (Neuronium) has made a genuinely superb electronic music album characterised, among other things, by an unusual and profound use of sound. The water in its many manifestations (oceans, rivers, lakes, and springs) and what it means for our planet is his inspirational theme and the basis for his artistic impressions.
Recommended for: Taking your imagination on a journey. The tracks are instrumental, suitable for relaxation, spiritual healing, visualising other dimensions, invoking bright beings, fantasy worlds, dreams… Ideal for creating an atmosphere for areas such as spas, therapy centres and similar places. Hydro is described as "Aquatic anti-stress music" in the liner notes. In a similar vein to Azizi it is certainly relaxing, and the really interesting thing about this album is that some of the water sounds and vocals are created on synthesizers - being neither real or sampled. Trying to spot these should also provide some fun for the more technically minded!
Six tracks go to make up the album, they have Latin names and vary considerably in length from under three minutes to over twenty one minutes. There's no doubt that Hydro is a good album to put on when you just want to sit back and chill out for a while, and is perhaps even better when you're lying in a bath with some real water gently sloshing about. Neuronium is a skilled musician who can blend synths and vocals to produce relaxing yet also stimulating music.
Hydro fits this bill and is recommended without reservation.
The 29th album composed, arranged, produced and performed by Michel Huygen
Full digital recording and digital mastering by Michel Huygen at Neuronium Studio, Barcelona.


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Neuronium - Neuroworld 1 DVD

Artist: Neuronium
P: 2005
An enjoyment of over 50 minutes of an especially fine sound. Nice selection of "sleep music" with a Movieshow of the paintings by Gilsanz

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Neuronium - Oniria

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1992/ 1994
This slow melodic music is sometimes like Nik Tyndall, but with more deeper melodies.
Recorded at Neuronium Studio, Barcelona, Spain, between November 1991 and October 1992.
Digital recording and mixing by Michel Huygen.
Santi Pico - acoustic and electric guitar.

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Neuronium - Supranatural

Artist: Neuronium
P: 1986
His 9th release. It's generally flowing spacey electronics, mostly analog, in other words, a classic.

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Neuronium - Synapsia

Artist: Neuronium
P: 2006
Synapsia is the 33rd album of Neuronium's career and the 2nd one of the trilogy that was born with Mystykatea and will end with Nihilophobia. As an artist Michel has felt the need to express their position vital to the life, death, existence, to the fact that everything we see and that includes us is finite, perishable and therefore the need to address the forehead, and he does it directly through its form of expression that is music.
This is a reflection on the fear of death and the freedom to choose.
The main theme "Brainsucker" was nominated for the Music National Awards 2007 as best electronic music theme. Brainsucker, the alien character of the cover, is the graphical display of terminal illness, designed by graphic artist and specialist in 3D: Marcel Pioch.


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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.212 01/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 212

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V/A - Ambient Nation Vol. 4

Artist: Neuronium, Venja, Rhea, Nisus u.a.
P: 2014
LTD 150
Great sampler by some of the finest Belgian EM artists Digipack de-luxe edition in a super limited edition of 150 copies only!.

Here the last copies!

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V/A - Chaweng Chill-Out Samui Dreams

Artist: Neuronium,Pascal Languirand u.a.
P: 2007
An exclusive collection of chill-out music inspired by the nights of Samui.
The new compilation featuring the work NEURONIUM RECORDS 10 different artists, dedicated to Samui Island in Thailand.To enjoy the chill-out music, modern, relaxing, positive and vital ideal for setting and enjoy intimate and special moments.

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V/A - Zukunftsmusik

Artist: Neuronium, Vagelis, Grosskopf, Leifeld u.a.
P: 1993
Collection of tracks from the 4U / CMS label. Tracks from releases that are already deleted.

Here the last copy!

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Various Artists - E-Live 1999/2002

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2003
Unreleased new tracks by the listed artists. The tracks were recorded during 3 E-Live festivals.

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Various Artists - The Future Of Music... Now. Vol. 1

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2002
This is a compilation of the Neuronium label which features the best tracks of the listed artists.

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