Hybrid Machine

Although I (Alexander Guelfenburg) am absolutely fascinated by the technical aspects of synthesizers, I also like the musical output of electronic sound systems. I am very happy to present you my "private" project: Hybrid Machine
Since 1986 I´ve been working with electronic sound sources like synthesizers, samplers and also text-to-speech systems. My personal target was the creation of a virtual pop group.

Hybrid Machine
Hybrid Machine - Debut!

Artists: Hybrid Machine
P: 1996
This is the first CD by the synthesizer project "Hybrid Machine". The CD contains enjoyable electronic music with modern sound structures, interesting sequencer lines, superb melodies. Hybrid Machine´s first CD - Debut! - contains "conventional" synthesizer music. Although the hardware of Robovox was finished the operation of the prototype was not optimal. In Debut! I used Robovox several times, but only as an effect and not as a singing voice.
Debut! impresses the listener with it´s superb musical and technical quality.

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