Camaa, Iris

Iris works as a percussionist and singer with Tangerine Dream since 2000 on several cd´s and dvd´s: They toured in Japan and Germany 2009 and performed in Los Angeles, London & Edinburgh in 2008. Lately they have returned from their European Tour 2010, e.g. Royal Albert Hall, London, Colosseum Paris, Lissabon, Barcelona....  In 2005 Iris produced the album „Straight from the shoulder“ in co-operation with Edgar Froese and Thorsten Quaeschning.
Camaa, Iris
Iris Camaa - Straight from the Shoulder

Artist: Iris Camaa
P: 2006

Iris Camaa, working with Tangerine Dream for more than five years as percussionist and singer at live concerts, doing cd recordings with them as well - has now published her first solo album. This album was produced by Edgar Froese and Thorsten Quaeschning. It is not only for her exciting and original voice making this album very special, but the lyrics of her songs written by herself are not for conservative moralists as Iris Camaa's language is harsh and direct. Personal experiences and adventures often left their marks on them. Several record companies refused to publish this cd - as airplay could hardly be expected... Feel free to make your own opinion.

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