Encomiast came into being around 1999 and has released five full-length collections on various labels.
The musicians in this project are: Ross Hagen: composition, production, performance
Nick Paul: synths and programming (1999 - 2003)
Samantha Balsam: vocals (2000-01)
Megan Garland: flutes, vocals
Neville Harson: anything and everything
w/ additional live and recording contributions from Toby Sinkinson, Joe Skinner, Travis Bellet, and many others.
Encomiast - Winter's End

Artist: Encomiast
P: 2001
This is some insanely viscous and absolutely bleak dark ambient with a lot of minimal compositions based around smooth, flowing tones and some slightly more musical elements that lend an ethereal feel to certain passages. Most all of the songs clock in at more than six minutes, with "Wait" being the epic of the record (clocking in at just under 18), but I don't find the compositions to be boring at all, despite their seemingly basic nature and minimal structures. "Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo" has some light piano and soaring female vocal tones swirling in and out of the background amidst deep, rumbling bass tones and ominous, overwhelming drones (and later "Fear of Wind or Vertigo (Beneath)" brings back similar textures in a slightly more minimal/vocal driven format). "If I Dream I Have You" again incorporates some beautiful female singing, along with windy background textures and somber stringed instruments. "Nymph (live)" is a definite standout from the other tracks, coming off a bit more biting with its use of sweeping treble tones and some obscured samples hovering above chaotic digital noises and undulating low-end. The recording is very nice. The clarity is exceptional, and even though they give each element a lot of breathing room, the volume levels are always loud and full of warmth. No complaints. Visually the record could be a bit more interesting, or perhaps a better fit for the wondrous music, as basically the entire package consists of similar abstract photographs that I assume are odd shots of water or something. Not bad, but definitely not something that suggests the same emotional direction as the music within. Excellent work overall. It's very rare to come across a release that falls within this type of genre that balances its musical and experimental tendencies flawlessly into such a moving and original style.

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