Sala, Oskar

Oskar Sala (1910, Greiz, Germany - 2002, Berlin, Germany) was one of the most innovative composer in the history of electronic music. His instrument, the Mixtur-Trautonium was first introduced to the public in 1952 and soon received international licenses. Its massive architecture remains so unique that nobody is able to reproduce the instrument nor interpret any of his compositions.
Sala, Oskar
E.M.A.K. - Synthesizer von Gestern Vol. 2

Artist: Elektronische Musik aus Köln
P: 1992

Each of the songs were written for, and played exclusivly by, the instrument listed in the title of the song.

Here the last copy!

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Oskar Sala - My fascinating Instrument

Artist: Oskar Sala
P: 1990
Fascinating music, played on the Mixtur Trautonium by its builder himself.
The compositions could be easily compared to Tomitas work.

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