Sarno, Mark

The US musician releases his music at the Kinesis Label.
Sarno, Mark
Mark Sarno - Passages Through and Beyond

Artist: Mark Sarno
P: 1996
Passages Through and Beyond is the second album by keyboardist and percussionist Mark Sarno. His style: a mixture of New Age and Progressive Rock in which feeling and the fusion of genres dominate. This album is in actual fact a conceptual continuation of his previous work. If that one narrated the beginning of a musical journey in search for the snatching away of the mask behind which our society hides to protect itself, in Passages Sarno describes the gradual progress from darkness to light that such an unmasking provides. Through 10 themes eminently melodic in nature in which Mark utilizes all sorts of electronic keyboards and percussion, the listener feels trapped and attracted towards the personal journey of the author. Also more introspective compositions are included, such as "Emergence" or "Indra's Paradox", and even delightfully dark ones such as "Maelstrom's Edge". Erich Blase (acoustic guitar), Tina Sarno Ostrem (vocals), John Pedersen (piano), Michael Sawdey (guitar) and John Serrano (saxo) collaborate in this album.

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