Bacchus, Stephen

This is an ambient producer from Canada, born in 1959.
Bacchus, Stephen
Stephen Bacchus - Ambient Origins

Artist: Stephen Bacchus
P:  1998
This is a collection of his early works played between 1983 and 1987. They are for the first time on CD. Deep ambient flowing music from the early years of ambient show this musician as a pioneer in this genre.

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Stephen Bacchus - Bardo

Artist: Stephen Bacchus
P:  1996
Stephen Bacchus is the recording alias for Grant MacKay, founder and owner of Oasis/Mirage Records, a Canadian new age and electronic ambient label. Bardo is an orchestral and electronic new age soundscape. Bacchus recruited an eclectic orchestra with Native American and bamboo flutes, whistles, shakuhachi, ethnic harps, lutes, and zithers. The diversity of ethnic influences gives the soundscape world music textures and new age timbres. The idea is sound and solid. Many artists have been able to pull this off, but Bacchus is not one of them. There is no feeling to this music -- it comes across as superficial muzak.

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Stephen Bacchus - Pangaea

Artist: Stephen Bacchus
P:  1999
PANGAEA is one of the finest world fusion/new age CDs ever recorded. The CD brings together exotic string, percussion and wind instruments, eliciting the sounds and feel of East India, the Middle East, and the Far East. The synthesizers are used to color the songs with just enough ambience to make the music accessible to less advneturous listeners. The overall vibe of PANGAEA is relaxed and serene without being the least bit too "new agey." Listening to the CD is like actually visiting the former supercontinent (which is what Pangaea was before the land masses split apart millions of years ago). This image is helped along by the very discrete use of subtle environmental sounds, such as bird song, waves, etc.
Fans of Asian music, in particular, will find a lot here to enjoy. Flutes, koto, and other ethnic instruments flavor this CD while the melodic content is lush and romantic enough for mainstream listeners.

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V/A - The Ambient Expanse

Artist: Vidna Obamana, Steve Roach,
Patrick O'Hearn, Vir Unis
, Stephen Bacchus
P: 1998
All new tracks, exclusive for this CD!
"The Ambient Expanse is a five-movement collaborative work created by two generations of ambient artists."
All movements composed and recorded May - July 1998 at the artists's studios. Final mix at the Timeroom. Final mastering & Assembly at the Timeroom, Tuscon, AZ, USA on July 18. 1998

Here is the last copy!

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Various Artists - Liquid Sound 1 + 2 + 3 (4 CD Set)

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2002 / 2019
Here is a set with the 3 parts (on 4 CDs) of the Liquid Sound series.  Live recordings and new pieces by the participating artists.

Here the last set with all 3 parts. (Parts 1 & 3 have long been out of print, part 2 is also available separately from us)

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