Alerick Project

This italien electronic music project is played by Alessandro Ghera & Riccardo Fortuna. They played live at the Electronic Circus Festival 2014 in Germany.



Alessandro Ghera began his musical experience at the age of 15 years old where was easily enchanted from the various opportunities that synths of that period could offer to create different and complex sound structure. He bought his first synthesizer at the end of eighties in the middle of midi and digital era influenced at that time from the major big of electronic music. Over the years he set up his own studio adding new equipment but most of all he focused his attention to the world of computer music and from its unlimited range of different possibilities to create music. The music that he produces is the mix of different musical influences from the classic electronic style to electro-ambient, exploring new paths of EM through the trance beat sound until lounge, ethno and new age reminiscences


Riccardo Fortuna began to be involved into the world of music, by age seven playing cartoon TV jingles with his mini keyboard.Later when he was in teenhood and youth he started studying piano and launched to compose his own first songs influenced by the music scene of  80's. After started playing live sessions in various bands he graduated from sound engineering college of music and he managed an own recording studio that allowed learning other instruments (drums, guitar and bass guitar) either approaching to the world of professional audio (mixing-mastering). Even now he's going on playing in live concerts and music festivals as well as he records various songs and albums as musician mainly in pop style

Alerick Project
Alerick Project - Obsolete Technology

Artist: Alerick Project
P: 2015

This EP, with an unique package, is in limited edition and is an excerpt of the second forthcoming album.
It contains bonus track:" Coming & Going - Live at Electronic Circus

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Alerick Project - One Way

Artist: Alerick Project
P: 2014
The Italian Duo Alerick Project formed by Alessandro Ghera and Riccardo Fortuna born in 2011 with the purpose to create a cocktail of innovative electronic music mix-in on the one side the influences from the traditional EM and other side integrating their own composition with the new fresh expressions from the chillout and ambient universe, refining their sound with a classic touched.

In their project they add their different kind of musical experiences, Alessandro leans toward electro-ambient oriented influenced by masters of EM (TD, Vangelis), Riccardo is into synth-pop of 80's (Howard Jones, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, Trevor Horn)

The Duo Alerick Project produced their first album in 2013 called “One Way”
In the meantime they are working for documentary soundtrack produced by RAI – Italian public television

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Colisseum (Alexynth Project + Perceptual Defense) - Adventus

Artist: Alexsynth Project & Perceptual Defense
Colisseum is the collaboration between Alexynth Project (Alessandro Ghera) and Perceptual Defence (Gabriele Quirici) both musicians from Rome (Italy).
"With this album "Adventus", we want to celebrate our Roman roots and our ancient city of Rome with an electronic music created starting from our own personal music style"
Recorded in 2018 at Alexynth Project Studio in Rome (Italy) with analog and digital electronics, lap steel guitar etc.....

Both musicians put together their great experience in electronic music, to release a soucerful of melodies covered by a great synthesizer background environment. Wonderful!

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.252  05/16
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 252
5,00 EUR
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