eM is an alias for Michael Bentley, proprietor of The Foundry and ambient artist.
EM - All the Stars burning bright

Artist: EM
P: 2001
far-ranging exploration in a dark ambient "space music" style.
This new album is something of a departure for eM. Though it draws on techniques and concepts from earlier projects, ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT delves into the sounds of deep space and aims to capture the otherness of the universe beyond earth. To this end sound sources include NASA recordings made by various space probes and further exploration of digital audio manipulation.
ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT is an exploration of the universe through sound, an experiment designed by eM to venture beyond our gravity well. Beginning with A Dream of Summer Stars we leave the familiar confines of our horizons and venture into more remote and unearthly sonic realms. Parsecs, constructed largely from heavily processed NASA recordings, propels us across open vacuum, and through the Starswarm that follows. Suspensions and Burning Bright suggest both the immense stillness and roiling activity of the night sky, while Between provides a melancholy respite before the revelations of Others. Our dream fades as we drift Beyond the Shoals of Stars.
These pieces ruminate not simply on the stars, but on the space between them. The compositions emulate no one model, but draw on many sources, from the Voyager recordings to the writings of Brian Aldiss and H.P. Lovecraft. ALL THE STARS BURNING BRIGHT also functions as a kind of diary, giving voice to a variety of dreams and memories.

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V/A - Lost and Found A Foundary Anthology

Artist: EM, Rhomb,Steve Roach, Mollusk u.a...
P: 2002
Subtitled "A Foundry Anthology," this collection serves as a retrospective over the first five years of Foundry CDs. Disc one samples FOU.01-06 as well as a re-recorded version of Rhomb's Above the Earth. Disc two samples FOU.11-14 & 16, and includes seven non-album tracks from eM, Mollusk, Dean Santomieri, Seofon and Jonathan Hughes.

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