DREAMWORLD is the project of Klaus and Rolf Fichter, two brothers who are multi- instrumentalists.You may remember them as the leaders of the band YATHA SIDHRA who put out a significant album called "Meditation Mass" back in 1972. Well they played in different groups after that then decided to create their own music in 1980 calling their band DREAMWORLD.
Dreamworld - On Flight to the Light

Artists: Dreamworld
P: 1980 / 1997
"We think that our music expresses a deep sensibility for fundamental human desires auch as warmth-tenderness- happiness and love.DREAMWORLD wants to uncover beautiful things in ever-changing variations". So like "Meditation Mass" this is very laid back but more modern of course.There are sections i like much more than their previous project but also passages that i'd like to forget.The singing and lyrics are below average in my opinion but we get some really good instrumental sections. "Ways Of Love" features acoustic guitar,bass and light drums before the keys and vocals join in.Electric guitar and organ 3 minutes in to end it. "Beneath Silence And Storm" is divided into 3 parts."Part I" opens with strummed guitar and wind as flute comes in.Great sound here.Vocals before 3 minutes. "Part II" opens with piano as drums and spacey synths take over a minute in.Organ joins in too as we get that classic Krautrock flavour.Nice.Spacey sounds swoosh in late. "Summerdays" opens with birds chirping as this trippy beat comes in.Flute after a minute.Vocals 2 minutes in.It's not the best tune on here. "Dreamworld's Symphony" is a 4 part suite to end it. "Introduction" has these light keys as flute comes in followed by synths and percussion-like sounds. "Between Trees And Oiseaux" has some harmonica in it with bass,percussion and keys.Vocals after 2 1/2 minutes. "Un Reve se Realise" sounds like SANTANA early with all the drums and percussion.I really like the drumming after 3 minutes.Electric guitar before 4 minutes.Vocals and organ 6 minutes to the end. Good song. "Endless Tenderness" has this laid back beat with acoustic guitar,keys and flute.Vocals 3 minutes in. Very much a hi.

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