Czukay, Holger

German musician Holger Schüring born in the Free City of Danzig March 24 1938 (now Gdańsk in Poland).
Czukay studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1963-1966 and co-founded the influential rock group Can in 1968.
Czukay played bass guitar and performed most of the recording and engineering for the group.
Czukay recorded some important early ambient albums, and is influential for his utilization of radio sounds and sampling.
Czukay, Holger
Holger Czukay + David Sylvian - Flux Mutability

Artist: Holger Czukay + David Sylvain
P: 1989
David returned to Can Studio, Koln in 1989 to record a companion piece to 'Plight and Premonition'. Once again, the album consists of two long form, drone-based compositions, and features contributions from Marcus Stockhausen, Jaki Liebezeit, and Micheal Karoli.

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Holger Czukay + U-She - The New Millenium

Artist: Holger Czukay + U-She
P: 2003
Mainly electronic, this music nods respectfully towards Techno and Electronic Dance in general, while maintaining it's own inner serenity - it varies from stalwart rhythms to a more passive mood music, without ever falling outside the traces of structure.
Some of CZUKAY's timings here are make for oddly polyrhythmic sounds, not unlike a more benign SUICIDE, sometimes giving the impression the machines are unchained and liberated, running free not in chaos, but in the desire to express.
So what of U-SHE? Immediate (unfounded) prejudice. Who did she think she was? A female version of U-ROY or something? What's with the name?
Thankfully she's far better than the curious name might suggest. Very much from the same mould as the late NICO, with the off-key, spoken-sung voice, flat tones and curiously harmonic multi-layers. More often letting her voice drift off into hushed whispers than keeping it full frontal, her rich tones do not outstay their welcome, instead leaving you hungry to hear more.
Repetition is prevalent here - some sampling but mostly repeated words adding to the busy-but-not-wearing rhythms.
Complex compositions still manage to throw out some hooky themes. High on the Golden Moments chart is "Millennium", having a distinct curvy tune, not overblown, but hooky enough to work it's way into your head with little effort. And the subtle but relentless "Rosebud" with the breathy NICO-utterance of "No Trespassing" worms it's way into your mind.
The closing track "Echogirl" is reminsicent more of later period SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, both the voice and four square music sounding very similar. A good solid track, with the more strightforward in-yer-face voice making up for the lack of the ex-CAN-man's pyrokinetics.
Impressive enough without leaving an indelible mark. He will of course forge ahead forever. And She (sorry, U-SHE) deserves to reach a wider audience and celebrate a lot more success than I imagine she currently does. An entertaining album which promises much for the future.

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Holger Czukay - Der Osten ist Rot

Artist: Holger Czukay
P: 1984 / 2018
His cool release from 1984 for the first time on CD!
Very experimental but sometimes really funny!

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V/A - Ambient 3 The Music of Changes
Artist: Eno, Budd, Laswell, Irmin Schmidt u.a.
P: 1994
What was uptodate at the electronic scene way back in 1994 can be heard on this release by Virgin Records.
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Various Artists - A Brief History of Ambient Vol. 1

Artist: TD, Ashra, Eno, Froese u.a.
P: 1993
What you get is a fairly decent ambient selection from Virgin's rich and varied back catalogue from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Some of it naturally sounds a little dated, but it is a history lesson so what do you expect.

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