Flür, Wolfgang

He was member of Kraftwerk between 1973 and 1987.Then he founded the group Yamo in 1997.
Flür, Wolfgang
V/A - Switched on Bob (A Tribute to Bob Moog)

Artist: Wolfgang Flür, Magoo, Transistors u.a.
P: 2009
A tribute to the late great father of the modern synthesizers. Moog and his glorious, poetic instruments are the historic foundation of Electronic music. The original idea for Switched on Bob was to collect material for a multimedia-CD with the participation of a selected group of artists that were each to contribute a piece inspired by Moog's huge influences on music, design, graphic illustration, or simply from the beautiful sounds of Moog's own instruments. This is not a conventional compilation, but instead it is an authentic project dedicated to the father of modern synthesizers.

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