At the age of 10 years Antai began his first musical steps and created compositions with his first keyboard. Among the tunes even then inspired him to nature. He musically described magnificent sunsets or moon moods. His interest in electronic music, especially the New Age sector was awakened very early , since this type of music is very visual and it inspires you to dream and relax. Like in the classical music landscapes and emotions can be transferred directly into the sphere of music. With 21 years Antai began to work with Sythesizers and developed his own style and sound with melodic descriptions of nature , always inspired by his travels and walks. Hiking is the same intensity to Antais passions like taking pictures or composing. He sucks the fascinating mountain scenery of the Alps, where he now lives, or even the forest-covered hills and dreamy landscape, photographes them and let pictures arise in front of the spiritual eye. But not only the Alps and the Bavarian Forest fascinate the young musician , he also feels attracted from the far eastern part of the earth from where he got his name "Antai" which comes from Japan and means " peace and tranquility”. In this peace and tranquility he produced more than one hundred original compositions. Inspired by the Austrian musician “Gandalf” he has decided in 2014 to present his music to a wider audience and released his first album " Dreamscapes” on the Prudence - label.
Antai - Dreamscapes

Artists: Antai
P: 2014
The music describes original landscapes and moods realized with melodies. So „Flowering Meadows & Far Landscapes“ describes a beautiful landscape with green meadows and far hills and creates a pleasant mood by using soft and warm sounds. On the other hand „Everest I“ describes the power and the beauty of wild landscape of the mountains and fascinates the listener. For his first release Antai took a long time in producing these fine songs. The songs are inspired by various landscapes and nature moods or by far away worlds in space that only exists in our fantasy. With the same enthusiams he produces his music he photographes landscapes. Antais music is inspired by several landscapes and nature moods. He will take the listeners on this journey to show the beauty of nature and show imaginary worlds. Sit back and relax, listen to Antais music and let arise landscapes before your inner eye. For his music, Antai used various solistic and orchestral instruments just like Grand Piano, Oboe, Flute and French Horn and a quit soft carpet of sound.

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