The US based Chris Roman is artist at the Mikrolux Label since 2004.
TwoFourteen - Esemplastic

Artist: TwoFourteen
P: 2004
Mikrolux MKX11CD
Although it wouldn’t have been neccessary to prove that transatlantic irritations never really existed, we now see the very first album of an American artist appearing on the up and coming Mikrolux label.
And very much like the previous releases, „Esemplastic“ shows an extra-ordinairy musical strength, fitting perfectly into the steadily growing artist catalogue of the label. Chris Roman, the man behind TwoFourteen, is of Puerto Rican origin, has been living in Florida for most of his life and with outstanding talent did manage to establish his very own style in the eleven tracks of his first album.
Spheric and relaxing electro grooves („Above See Level“) meet acid-housy movers („Distancia“), while sensitive android hymns („Plugs“) and futuristic roboter songs („Idiomflux“) mix up with funk-loaded rhythm excursions („Surfaced“).
And there are no better words for the associations set free by this future electro than those described about producer and DJ Chris Roman's musical style: „A lap dance in the side room of a space ship“. Watch this man coming...


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