Snidow, Chris

Chris Snidow is an electronic musician from Dallas, Texas.
Snidow, Chris
Chris Snidow - From the Foundation of the World

Artist: Chris Snidow
P: 1995

This fourth recording by relative newcomer Snidow could well be called his breakthrough album. Some material previously reviewed showed great promise, and this time it’s delivered in spades! Foundation…is one of those rare albums that reaffirms the unique position of electronic music and our love/addiction to it.
Nothing this fresh and exciting has come down the pike since Mark Dwane’s Monuments of Mars.
The nine tracks are titled to reflect the Bible’s story of Creation and man’s journey through the world. While King James’ Bible references are named, the music is highly spiritual in a metaphysical sense­and never trite or sappy. Here are some of the freshest, coolest synth compositions I've heard in a long while. And despite the accompanying written text the music itself gets the message across in a way that words never could.
The CD starts off into wide expansive space, fresh and alive. Then it smoothly and seamlessly breaks into rhythm with jazzy élan. Expertly rendered ‘live’---sounding percussions and hot brassy synth lead licks abound as well. Classic rolling space flanges permeate the mix and create a tangible entrainment into the swirling vortex of the rhythm.
Once hooked, you are compelled to follow an unfolding plot which is lyrical and vibrant. And synth fans will sate their palates with cool synth bass and hot synth leads. Many tracks do tend toward the introspective but with charm and grace. Rumbling tectonics and dreamy strings are so well articulated you’d think it was a movie. Percussion is also dealt with professionally. ‘Native’ buzz clips mix with live ‘edrum’ performances that support and solidify the etheric.
This album most decidedly is a concept album, nearly on par with Tubular Bells. Echoes of Pink Floyd, Jarre, Stearns, Iasos and Shreeve are tossed in for good measure.
Snidow is a talented, versatile musician, just rough enough around the edges to make his music fresh and interesting.
Professional composition, engineering and all the rest make this a debut album of the year.
Play it loud!

1996. JW / Synthesis

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