This is the project of the Swedish composer Björn Ekegren. The sounds are inspired by the still expressions of nature, by life on earth and beyond. Björn lives in the beautiful Swedish countryside near Gothenburg and works as an acupuncture therapist and small scale vegetable farmer.
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.325 06/2022
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 325
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Sinepearl - Cycles within Cycles within

Artist: Sinepearl
P: 2014
Cycles Within Cycles Within has all the characteristics of a landmark deep ambient album; lush landscapes of sound and melody that transport the listener out of time and into a healing space. Sinepearl's music engages you and carries you along gently, whereas strictly speaking, ambient music is in the background.  This album captured our imagination upon first listen and comes from the heart.  The production and arranging is masterful and effective; drawing on potent techniques and building in flows, contrasts and doorways into new spaces. As the title suggests,  Sinepearl's music is like a glittering fractal loop;  travelling inside and out into the cosmos all at the same time. Sinepearl grounds his sounds in nature and the album features a number of field recordings he made.  If you're a fan of deep electronica or if you like music that transports you then settle in to Cycles Within Cycles Within.

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