Concept Devices

Concept Devices is Martyn Greenwood. He has been making music in one form or another for 38 years. At 18 years of age he joined a local group playing the bass guitar, after various other bands he found himself with the desire to make music using synths, this lead him on an electronic journey finally ending up with his solo project Concept Devices.
Concept Devices
Concept Devices - Conceptus Fabrica

Artist: Concept Devices
P: 2019
Conceptus Fabrica contains 6 pieces of music, specifically inspired by the intrigue and mystery surrounding the ancient Illuminate order and Martyn has tried to capture that intrigue within the compositions. The tracks range in length and dynamics. Each track on this album started life as a live improvised piece and then slightly embellished with extra motifs and manually synced sequences to create the finished product. Artwork was designed and created by Martyn to compliment the nature of the material and a taster demo track “All Seeing Eye” was made available as a prelude to the full album.
We think the music is somewhere between Nik Tyndall and Vidna Obmana.
Concept Devices - "Conceptus Fabrica" is progressive, experimental, sometimes glitchy, rhythmic ambient electronica at it's best. It gives you a unique and satisfying listening experience of analogue sound and rhythms, full of effects that build and morph taking you to places that your mind never knew existed. The music of Martyn Greenwood (aka 'Analogue Kid') has certainly improved through experience and experiments. His latest incarnation as 'Concept Devices' has taken his music to new heights with an impressive level of skill to produce this wonderful album with a high standard of music, and masterful production, and great CD art and packaging. Don't miss your chance to buy this essential purchase.

2019. Geoff Mason

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