Tommaso Cimo’ was born in Florence on 29 October 1977. In his youth he approached classical music through his studies of the violin, recorder and musical theory. He soon discovered its dark side, belonging to the exponents of the cultured avant-garde of the '50's and '60's, and as a result began to experiment with tapes and various effects. Then, he moved to modern electronic music from the German cosmic movement of the '70's and followed the different branches borne from there. In that period he approached synthesis through the use of analog synthesizers and sequencers.
The foundations of these musical works are mainly electronic distinguished by a marked Teutonic sound. In 2003 the magic meeting with Alio Die led him to the thresholds of Sunja.
Alio Die + Zeit - A Circular Quest

Artist:  Alio Die + Zeit
P: 2013
This acoustic session was performed and recorded at Temple Studio (Milan) in late november 2009. Electronic overdubs were completed between October 2011 and April 2012 at The Mag Studio (Florence).
Edited and mixed by Tommaso Cimò in May 2012.

zeit: analog synthesizers, sequencer & guitar
alio die: loops &

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Alio Die + Zeit - Il Giardino Ermeneutico

Artist:  Alio Die + Zeit
P: 2010
The third collaboration with Zeit displays a wonderful and unique combination between acoustic sounds, field recordings and airy gentle electronic sounds.
The sonic result maintains the natural atmospheres of the original
acoustic recordings, done at the time of the Raag drone theory's sessions in Lunigiana, Italy at Chiostro dell’Annunziata and the Wood Sanctuary in August 2006.
Here the treatments enriche the mixture with a new sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an
enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation.

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Alio Die + Zeit - Live at Dada Theater

Artist: Alio Die + Zeit
P:  2007 / 2012

LTD 99

Recorded live at Teatro Dadà, Castelfranco Emilia.

Packaging: 6-panel handmade digipak

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Alio Die + Zeit - Raag Drone Theory

Artist:  Alio Die + Zeit
P: 2007 
Zeit is Tommaso Cimò, who teams up with Alio Die for a single, fragile,meditative track glittering with notes dripping off their respective zithers,gradually shape shifting for three seconds shy of the maximum capacity of a compact disc.
Alio Die also plays psaltery and manipulates his trademark drones andloops, while Zeit commands a bowed psaltery, shruti box, and provides a slew ofsamples to the mix. Particularly effective are the sounds of dampened human commotion and interactioin appearing after about half an hour.

Pristinely recorded in August 2006. More of that remarkably serene work of Alio Die which captures some gentle moment forever.

Alio Die: psaltery, zither, drones and loops
Zeit: zither, bowed psaltery, shruti-box, samples

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Alio Die + Zeit - Sunja

Artist:  Alio Die + Zeit
P: 2003 
This is totally an unknown gem in the ambient genre. Total, lush, organic soundworlds with some live instruments, just droning away, harmoniously. Not dark, not light, just being there. Two massive tracks, there's not really any distinctive elements. Birds, water flowing, very relaxing. Perfect for background droning, easily for fans of Robert Rich, FSOL, Lustmord. 

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Zeit - Waves from the Sky

Artist: Zeit
P: 2008
The first solo CD by ZEIT is a true revelation..after the two album in collaboration with Alio Die with a more acoustic quality, in 'WAVES FROM THE SKY' Tommaso Cim˜ undertake electronic orchestrations with inserts of guitars and bass perfectly integrated , you can find attachments with the best mystic and cosmic music of the 70', traslated with a subtle sensibility into new territories of ambient music with a very fine touch. CD packaged in an elegant three sides digipack.

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