Transceive is the project name for new electronic music produced by Steve Nelson.
Inspired by all the German electronic pioneers and British wave of synthpop groups, I produced my first professional recordings in the early 90's. I was lucky enough to be working in a decent recording studio at this time, which gave me access to some the best recording equipment available. Many of these recordings are now available on the CD - Transformation 88:98
Inevitably the studio became more involved with recording dance music and in l993 I started working with the group TTF programming and co-producing their 5 hit singles (most notably Real Love (which reached number 8 in 1994) and a top 20 album.
After this success TTF
were signed to Virgin Records in 1995 and I stopped composing my own music to work full time co-producing their follow up album. Unfortunately due to Virgin's bad administration the album never got released and so in 1997 I decided to put all my efforts into producing my own CD. In the past I was solely dependent on free time at the studios I worked in. It had taken me this long to finally have a home studio I was happy with allowing me to spend more time on production . St.Nelson

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Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
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Transceive - Exit to Nowhere

Artist: Transceive
P: 2016

SHREEVE influenced synth musician returns with more excellent instrumental electro-rock 10 years after his ‘Transformation’ CD blew us all away in 2006! Thankfully, ‘Exit To Nowhere’ brings about no real change in style and influences, with the strongest of these still being the classic Mark Shreeve solo years! There’s also more than enough in the way of exciting melody, rhythmic power and strong dynamics right across this 7-Track album to keep everyone happy, right from the “Berlin School” through to those who enjoy a stylish tune or two! This music is bombastic as well as melodic, delivering a powerhouse of soaring, high-flying synth melodies, huge massed choral passages, penetrating, pulsating sequencers and driving drum patterns …and that’s all just in the near 15-minute opening track alone … then after that there’s another 48 minutes of pure synthesizer drama and audio pyrotechnics to take in! You certainly won’t be snoozing off when ‘Exit To Nowhere’ is blasting from your speakers, that for sure! The man behind TRANSCEIVE is Steve Nelson, and he lists his musical influences as: Mark Shreeve, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and TANGERINE DREAM and you will indeed hear elements of then all melded together in the genuinely exciting music on ‘Exit To Nowhere’, an album which you should wholeheartedly enjoy if you are into the music of any of the above artists! ‘Exit To Nowhere’ was produced by: Steve Nelson & Dave Livingston.

Drums on Tracks 1 & 7 come courtesy of: Joe Beasley
The album was Mastered by: Chester Dolenz at OSI Labs.
For the tech men among you, hardware equipment used on ‘Exit To Nowhere’ is as follows:
Access Virus C, Analogue Solutions Leipzig S, Arturia Minibrute, COTK/MOTM/Eurorack Modular Systems, DSI Prophet 8, Korg DSS1, Korg Volca Bass, Moog Minimoog, Moog Prodigy, Novation Supernova 2, Octave Cat, Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland MKS80/MPG80, Sequential Pro One, Yamaha CS5, Yamaha TG77.
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Transceive - Intrigue

Artist: Transceive
P: 2001

The label described this as a cross between Mark Shreeve and T Bass UK. I know what they mean in that the production is extremely good and the emphasis is on excitement and power over subtlety- in other words just how I like it. The opener 'Bygone Daze' for instance begins with what sounds like a spaceship beginning to land then we get swirling atmospherics and effects. It takes just over a minute before a superb cracking sequence and heavy rhythmic flourishes pound forth. Things develop into a highly infectious rockin' groove. With a minute to go the music subsides a little allowing a really nice melodic motif to be heard. It had been there before but I was too busy air drumming to hear it. 'Intrigue' initially utilizes some delightful soft pads and an exquisite delicate rhythm- then blast! In enters a simply fantastic rhythmic / sequencer combination with high hat splashes. Again the production is spot on. This track isn't all bludgeoning power however, the melodies are extremely well done- infectious even, both in the lead line and sequencer departments. Things rarely stay still as we take one extremely exciting turn after another. We drift into the next track 'Emor Femus'. A piano melody can be heard- all rather nice it is too. A quick jaunty sequence soon starts up accompanied by a great rumbling rhythm. Some sighing pads act like a soft mist above a raging tempest but by the three minute mark another bass laden rhythm is tossed in scattering the mist but in response back comes the piano melody somehow sounding just right amongst the mayhem, sort of beauty and violence living side by side- Awesome!
'Tera's Secret' begins with a slow loping beat over a twangy melodic loop then up steps another superb sequence, detail being provided by a slightly Eastern sounding melody. Its another brilliant track the swirling pulsations and rhythms taking you to places way beyond those reachable through taking any iffy substance. 'Internal Inferno' takes off with a rapid high register sequence, thick melodic pads slowly wafting over the top- then POW! A ball breaking rhythmic loop thunders forward like some crazed robot destroying everything in its path. The rhythm changes but if anything is of even more earthquake proportions. The original rhythm comes back but unbelievably is even more intense than before. Its as if we are just above a futuristic raging battle - pretty no - exciting YES!'Resume' follows straight on. It is a very short track and has a much lighter mood to it, necessary I would imagine just to get some composure back. 'Extremes' has a rather dark eerie beginning- strange clanging noises and thick pads create a very sinister environment out of which a metallic sequence forms. Then a really nice melodic lead line starts up contrasting well with the increasingly powerful backing. The sequence now changes to a swirling rota blade type and the piano melody returns. It reminded me rather of music for the beginning of an epic film (Almost James Bondish but without the vocals). At times it did get a little twee for my tastes but then that's probably just me, there is no doubting that its an extremely accomplished piece of music.Some excellent sampled vocals and the tolling of a bell give 'Beneath The Lake' a very sinister introduction. Deep bass string pads again giving it a rather film music feeling. The sound of thunder announces the start of a metallic sequence and combined with the lead line the picture music feeling is enhanced still further. The sound is so descriptive however that no accompanying visuals are needed, your mind will conjure up all the images you need. The last track 'Intrigued' is a reworking of the second and finishes this superb album in storming fashion. If you get the impression from this review that I really like the album you would be spot on. Actually 'like' doesn't come close- its brilliant. Steve Nelson the man behind Transceive is a very talented man. (DL)

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Transceive - Transformation 88:98

Artist: Transceive
P: 2006
Transformation 88:98 is a kind of best of. Steve Nelson had so many emails asking if he had more music available after Intrigue. He finally got around to compiling this CD. These tracks span from 1988-98 (hence the title) with one new recording. He worked in some big studios in the early 90's and a lot of this music was created during the downtime on high end equipment. Probably the most ambitious of these is track 1 - Landscape of Tomorrow which had 3 months of pre-production & 3 months recording/re-arranging/mixing. At times he thought he'd never finish it. Tracks like this didn't appear on Intrigue as they didn't suit the theme of that album but are all now finally available on this collection.

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