Fayman, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Fayman is an American percussionist, composer and producer, best known for his soundtrack work. He is the co-founder in 1993 of Immediate Music, a supplier of major Hollywood studio film trailers. He is well known, with his collaborations with Steve Roach and Robert Fripp.
Fayman, Jeffrey
Fayman + Fripp - A Temple in the Clouds

Artist: Fayman + Fripp
P: 2000
The use of tape-loop sequences are somewhat less evident than on Fripp's earlier recordings, buried as they are in heavy keyboard washes. Titles like "Pillars of Hercules" and the title track, however, beautifully capture the mood of the piece.

The overall mood of this CD fits nicely with the Projekt catalog, and it is not hard to see why Fayman & Fripp went with Projekt instead of Fripp's regular outlets. No, this isn't No Pussyfooting II or Evening Star II, but it is an intense, layered CD that belongs in your collection if you like your ambient with a little touch of darkness.

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