Roger Universe

Roger Universe is the stage name of ASM culture editor Ulrich Mühl. Ulrich died of a brain tumor in January 2022 after a short, serious illness. The Earth Express album is the result of his rediscovered hobbies and musical legacy.
Roger Universe
Roger Universe - Earth Express
Artist: Roger Universe
P:  2022

Roger Universe - a new star in the electronics galaxy? Has Jean-Michel Jarre turned back the clocks? It sounds a bit like this: "Earth Express" sometimes seems like a journey into the times of "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe". Ulrich Mühl, the man behind Roger Universe, grew up with this music and programmed his first electronic compositions on his home computer as early as the 1980s. In the mid-2010s, he began working on his debut album with all-new material using state-of-the-art equipment. Ulrich Mühl passed away in January 2022. It was important to his longtime friend Gerald Arend (Klangwelt) to present his sonically sophisticated works to the public. Swinging and powerful whirling beats and sequences that always make you sit up and take notice with interesting changes in harmony. Impressive cosmic oases of sound alternate with driving electronic grooves, which, thanks to the powerful and dynamic mix of sound, are immediately catchy. "Earth Express" impresses with its freshness and melodies, which allow you to immerse yourself in different moods like in little stories. A colourful, entertaining album that can also be listened to while driving.
Immediately after the devastating diagnosis in November 2021, Ulrich asked his long-time friend and companion Gerald Arend to finalize the mixing and production of his album. Gerald's friend Udo Wiesner promised Ulrich that he would take care of the mastering of the soundtrack. Ulrich's electronic instrumental music in the manner of the early Jean-Michel Jarre.
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