Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) was born and raised in southern England a long time ago, and moved to Canada in my mid-20s. Back then he played guitar, mainly classical. He started composing electronic music back in the mid 90s on the more affordable synths and then adding software emulations (ReBirth, Reality). Prior to that he was feeding guitars through multiple effects, which was itself a form of electronic music as "The Circular Ruins" and "ReFraction" (beat-driven electronica, with a friend). That was around 2000. His passion for electronic music started at a young age with the early Tangerine Dream releases and other psychedelic and experimental underground stuff of the late 60s early 70s.
Lammergeyer - Borders + Barrens

Artist: Lammergeyer
P: 2005

Part 4 in the Lammergeyer series on dataObscura. The music of Lammergeyer is inspired by landscapes, bleak coastlines, misty headlands, salt marshes, moors, and their mysterious solitude.

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