Flinsch, Holger

He is a german labelmanager and producer.
Flinsch, Holger
Holger Flinsch - Regayov

Artist: Holger Flinsch
P: 2003
Mikrolux MKX06CD
Fans of the visionary and unmistakable sound aestetics of Holger Flinsch have been anticipating this moment for long time: after two incredibly strong single releases
('Run For Cover' and 'On The Border') the long awaited album release of Holger Flinsch on Mikrolux finally hits the streets. With 'Regayov', Flinsch now gets to play out his unique understanding for minimalistic grooves in full playing time. The result is an outstanding hypnotic masterpiece that manages to thrill its listeners with incredible atmospheric density. The many melancholic compositions with extremly creative names, mix with dark noise monsters, igniting subtile grooves between old-school ('Deretla') und high-tech ('Sloptsea'). Songs with a wonderful romantic electronic feel to them enchant everyone who is listening while provoking a permanent state of trance. In their emotional deepness, Flinschs music even manages to remind of the fragile melancholy that one usually only finds in the releases of Björk. With this album, Holger Flinsch has already topped the great positive feedback to his last release by far – 'Regayov' already is a true tastemaker record now!

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