Electronic music producer Stephen James Buckley from Preston, UK. Makes music with a modular synthesizer, drawing influence from ambient, new age, and experimental electronics. It soars, bubbles, crackles, and soothes, in ever-shifting, immersive cosmic landscapes. Dream environments and sonic sculptures.
Polypores - Hyperincandescent
P: 2022
DIN 71
LTD 500
The DiN label via its founder Ian Boddy has its roots in the analogue electronica of the German Berlin School. However over the course of 100+ albums the music released on this UK based imprint have pushed far beyond this musical heritage. The electronic music scene is ever evolving and a new, younger generation of musicians involved in the burgeoning modular synth scene are untethered from the past and able to wander freely into unexplored worlds of sonic soundscaping. Just such a musician is Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) who paints music with a Eurorack modular, drawing influences from ambient, new age, and experimental electronica. His music soars, bubbles, crackles, and soothes, in ever-shifting, immersive cosmic landscapes. His musical output is both varied and prolific with sold-out vinyl releases on such well respected labels as Behind The Sky, Castles In Space and Polytechnic Youth. Notable live festival performances have included the Castles In Space Levitation event, Manchester’s Subliminal Impulse and the prestigious Future Yard in Liverpool.
Whilst Polypores did have a track on the fifth volume of the Tone Science series, Hyperincandescent (DiN71) is his solo debut on the DiN label. Releasing on both CD and Vinyl the music is split between two album length tracks that meander between different sections exploring a micro world of texture and form. At times calm and blissful the mood can suddenly be transformed into something more chaotic with strange, organic twisted shapes emerging from the undergrowth. His ability to play with tempo as a mouldable musical expression is at times breathtaking and highlights quite what a fearless sonic explorer he is.
DiN is very proud to showcase the talents of this quite unique artist as the label forges ahead into its third decade.
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Polypores - Multizonal Mindscramble
P: 2023
DIN 81
LTD 300

Stephen James Buckley aka Polypores returns for his second full album on the DiN imprint following on from his 2022 debut “Hyperincandescent” (DiN71).
Though we’ve come to know a wide range of sounds from Polypores, it’s here on “Multizonal Mindscramble” that we get plunged into the outer reaches of the inner psyche. Flickering insectoid transmissions are laid atop slowly shifting walls of drifting oscillators, barely discernible chirps and static-encrusted filter sweeps. There are moments of undeniable melodic bliss amongst the warm, weightless transmissions though, with soaring arpeggios and covert counter-melodies emerging from the fog and coalescing into perfect harmony before fading once again into the ether. The slow intricate weaving of sounds and timbres has become a Polypores trademark, and once again the fluidity and ease with which Buckley moves between sound-worlds is evident on this new album. The organic textures morph and grow, from a syncopated glitching oscillator through to slow swells of synth and spacey, cavernous reverb. Like a languid walk through the forest, while you gradually melt through the earth and into the soil. A perfectly balanced textural odyssey, and a stunning example of the depth and breadth of the Polypores sound “Multizonal Mindscramble”.

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V/A - Tone Science Module No.8 Tone Science Live (2CD)
Artist: Pollard, Palmer u.a.
P: 2023
LTD 555 Copies

The first seven volumes on the Tone Science sub-label featured 63 musicians (9 on each album) with varying backgrounds and styles, showcasing the wonderful richness and variety inherent in the world of modular synthesis. The next step was to transfer this concept to a live performance and hence the inaugural Tone Science Live concert, which took place at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on the evening of 22nd April 2023. All five musicians were set up onstage simultaneously and each played solo before joining together at the end. Field Lines Cartographer opened the evening with a beautiful set full of glistening textures and pulsating oscillations. Next came Nigel Mullaney with a more upbeat performance, featuring the famous “Pale Blue Dot” speech from Carl Sagan which seemed very appropriate as the 22nd April was Earth Day. After a short interval, Polypores took to the stage with a breath-taking display of modular synth virtuosity, with him constantly shifting and morphing the myriad sequencer patterns and tones emanating from his modular system. DiN label boss Ian Boddy followed with a sonic trip through four ambient sections, seamlessly mixing minimal ambience with vibrant pulsing sequencers before falling away to a tranquil conclusion. After another short break, Scanner played a stunning set featuring field recordings and disarming vocal samples and building up a monumental industrial rhythm from the simplest of ingredients. The evening ended in fine style with all five musicians taking to the stage and performing an ambient drone piece inspired by the early American minimalist composers. At the helm was Scanner, mixing and shaping the overall sound of the music as it slowly grew in intensity to fill the hall with a mesmerising wash of tones. A fitting end to what was a fantastic evening of music from five musicians coaxing such varied and beautiful sounds from their small modular systems. The entire evening is presented as a double CD in a 6-panel Digipak with accompanying 8 page booklet. A must-have album for followers of the Tone Science series.

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Various Artists - Index 08

Artist: V/A
P: 2023
DIN 80
LTD 500 Copies

iNDEX08 is the eight DiN compilation album and includes two tracks each from the titles
DiN71 – 79. The artists on show this time are Polypores, Scanner, Ian Boddy, d’Voxx,
Parallel Worlds, Surface 10, Node and Lyonel Bauchet as well as a collaboration between
Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo. As with the previous seven DiN samplers label boss Ian Boddy has mixed and cross-faded the 18 tracks into a continuous ambient mix that not only showcases the albums featured on the release but presents an exciting and varied title in its own right. It also highlights the varied and intriguing music that the DiN label offers on its releases from deep analogue synth grooves through vibrantly melodic instrumentals to powerful, epic ambient atmospheres. An intoxicating mix of the old and new beautifully presented in a slimline cardboard wallet with an extra flap which just adds to the value and collectibility of this release. With a total release catalogue now of 118 titles the DiN label is continuing to innovate and evolve as it heads toward 2024 when it will celebrate 25 years of releasing quality instrumental electronic and ambient synth music.

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