Dueren, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Düren played guitar in various local bands in the 1970s, but soon became more and more interested in electronic music. From 1978 he was a roadie for Tangerine Dream for three years, traveling the world with them and programming their sequencers. In the 1980s he worked for the Hamburg musician and inventor Wolfgang Palm and his company PPG (Palm Products Germany), which is primarily responsible for the development of the revolutionary digitally controlled PPG - Wave. In 1988 Wolfgang Düren became self-employed and founded the company Waldorf Electronics, with which he continued to use wavetable synthesis after the closure of PPG in 1987. The microwave was developed and manufactured on the basis of the ASIC chip developed by Wolfgang Palm.
Dueren, Wolfgang
Wolfgang Dueren - Eyeless Dreams

Artist: Wolfgnag Düren
P: 1980 / 2022

In 1980, Wolfgang Düren released his only album, the long player "Eyeless Dreams". Now Düren has dug up the old tapes again, had a fantastic-sounding remaster made and will have the album released on CD for the first time on November 11th, 2022.
Remaster of Wolfgang Düren's first and only album, available on CD for the first time.



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