Inoue, Tetsu

Tetsu Inoue is a producer of electronic music. His style could be described as ambient with a heavy minimalist influence. He has lived in Japan, San Francisco and New York and has collaborated with musicians such as Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Jonah Sharp and others
Inoue, Tetsu
Bill Laswell - Ambient Compendium

Artist: Bill Laswell
P: 1996
Like the title says. This album does a wonderful job of conveying these vibes. Dark and massive.
Each of the 16 tracks on this album has something diferent to offer. The Terre Thaemlitz track, as expected, vibrates the house with its deep bass rumbles. The Tetsu Inoue and MJ Harris collaborations and the two Laswell solo's are my other highlights of a satisfying 'Ambient' entree.

Enter the 'Ambient, Bass and Drums' disc. The two Laswell solos are again highlights, along with the Jah Wobble and Jeff Bova, Automaton and Jonah Sharp collaborations. This second CD is great chillout music, good for sitting in the sun and drinking something cool - the sky seems bluer, the trees seem greener, the birdsong sweeter!

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.210 11/12
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 210

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.213 02/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 213

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Tetsu Inoue + Andrew Deutsch - Field Tracker

Artist: Tetsu Inoue + Andrew Deutsch
P: 2001
LTD 500

Jarring and gritty, beautiful, mysterious, ultimately moving and transformative. This music rewards listening to a minute, ten minutes, or the entire album. Each version gives you a rather different experience.
"field tracker" was recorded at the institute for electronic art, alfred ny during the winter of 2000. inoue, utilizing his digital sound processing systems in combination with bells, guitar, and other odd sound making objects, constructed tiny improvisational sound moments each one having a shape and gesture of their own.
these "micro compositions" were at times highly abstract and noisy and at other times extremely melodic and calm. many of these micro compositions were used in the production of his recent release "object and organic code", the others (almost 2 hours worth) were handed over to andrew deutsch who was to construct another release combining sounds of his own.
being responsible for the overall "auskomponierung" or "compositional unfolding" of the work, deutsch combined synthesized sounds, drones, chatter, loops and other dsp techniques to produce what he hoped would be a kind of "gebrauchsmusik" or "useful music" that one might use in the home. the work has a notion of "ambitendency" built into it, that is, the tendency toward change combined with an equal tendency toward stasis. the work could be described as "meta-divisionism", 'baroque minimalism", or "expanded systemic digital minimalism".

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Tetsu Inoue + Pete Namlook - Time²

Artist: Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue
P: 1996/ 2009
AW 053

This time Tetsu and Peter wanted to work on something completely different that is still recognizable as their own style.
They tried to push the limits of electronic music a bit further. Fully incorporated subharmonic chords and sequences are part of this CD. F rom "Electroacoustic Trip-Hop" and "Futuristic Enviornmental" to "Psychedelic Jungle" beats, again a lot of live recorded material at Klanglabor has been used. A live session of 2 hours and 40 minutes was compressed to 65:43.
This is the strongest product that they collaborated on so far... a journey to the unexpected... the future of sound. You seem to watch a Time Tourist travelling... sometimes a second seems to take ages, sometimes an hour lasts a second and sometimes you get lost in a time loop of indefinite beauty.

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Tetsu Inoue - Fragment Dots

Artist: Tetsu Inoue
P: 2000
The future: goodbye sheet music, goodbye pentatonic scale, goodbye standardized timbres and instruments, goodbye notes. Sound is the new medium of expression and each piece of music has the potential to be a unique sonic world with its own, original organizational structure. This album fulfills the vision of sound and timbre as principles on the level of melody and harmony more fully than any other recording. The sound sources, some instantly recognizable (Modem and I) others mere electronic noise, blend smoothly throughout to form shifting, bubbling textures. Not ambient, as in some of Inoue's other releases, the overall sound is nevertheless extremely delicate and beautiful.

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Tetsu Inoue - Psycho Acoustic

Artist: Tetsu Inoue
P: 1998
Psycho-Acoustic is a strange release for Tetsu, for more reasons than one. First, much of his discography to date has appeared on ambient, techno, and post-techno labels such as Fax, Pod, and Rather Interesting; Tzadik is an experimental music label formed by jazz iconclast John Zorn in 1995, releasing mostly jazz-freak, art-punk, noise, and contemporary compositional and computer music from artists such as David Shea, James Tenney, Masada, Ruins, Anthony Coleman, Derek Bailey, and David Slusser. Allegiances aside, however, Psycho-Acoustic also contains by far some of the strangest music of Tetsu's career. Ditching the warm, continuous tones and atmospheres of favorites such as Organic Cloud and World Receiver, Psycho-Acoustic is 40 dense, demanding minutes of experimental desktop abuse, all bleeps, bloops, hard edits, and short blasts of chrome-clean digital noise. Still, as disjointed and plastic as many of the pieces seem, echoes of Tetsu's previous concerns remain (particularly those of more outward-leaning discs such as Slow and Low); the texture-heavy "Modu Lotion" and the quirky but wonderfully engaging duet with New York drum machine composer Ikue Morie, "Tom & Tone," stand out in this respect.

Personnel: Tetsu Inoue (electronics); Ikue Mori (drum machine).

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Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver

Artist: Tetsu Inoue
P: 1996 / 2006
LTD 800

Edition of 800 copies with a 6 panel full-color digipak.
An engulfing combination of Slow and Low's brazen experimentalism, and Otaku and Cloud's concentrated ambiance and subtle melodiousness. Ostensibly a concept album integrating field recordings gathered from his travels around the world, the album is much more integrated and involved than much of his early solo work. His best work to date.

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Tetsu Inoue - Yolo

Artist: Tetsu Inoue
P: 200
DIN 22
LTD 2000
DiN is proud to announce the release of Tetsu Inoue‘s ninth solo album, Yolo. Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound installation, and computer music.
Intriguing and mysterious, Yolo, dissects a combination of Max random synthesized sounds and field recordings into fragments and particles which are then sieved through in microscopic detail. Inoue moves the focus with a speed that is at first disorientating but demonstrates the concise precision that has made his deserved reputation as an artist that is not afraid to explore and expand. In many respects it‘s like a diary of intimate impressions, internalized and deeply processed; a collection of fading super-8 memories moving jerkily in and out of the frame of the imagination.
There is no lengthy exposition or superfluous effect to be found on any of the tracks. Rather there‘s an insistence and urgency to cut to the chase. The music is composed and built-up from intricate details, cross-hatched and etched, forming complex portraits or abstract tones and vivid color.
Bristling with detail he nevertheless achieves all this with a graceful economy of language that is as spare and as telling as a haiku. The music of Yolo is a series of events connecting with each other though not necessarily connected; a patchwork that constantly mutates and renews itself. The faintest traces of harmony and melody drift in and out like smoke on the wind, gracing the underlying thrum of particular moments with a forlorn beauty. This is a strikingly crafted album that will appeal to fans of his previous work and draw in new converts with a music that is both substantial and timeless.

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Various Artists - Index 03

Artist: V/A
P: 2008   
DIN 30
LTD 1000 Copies
iNDEX03 is the third DiN compilation album and includes two tracks each from the titles DiN21 - 29. The artists include Robert Rich, Ian Boddy, Tetsu Inoue, Radio Massacre International, Surface 10, Parallel Worlds, Hoffmann-Hoock/Wöstheinrich & ARC.

As with the previous two DiN compilation albums, iNDEX01 (DiN10) and iNDEX02 (DiN20), DiN label boss Ian Boddy has mixed and cross-faded the 18 pieces into a continuous ambient mix that not only showcases the albums on the disc but presents an exciting and varied album in it's own right. It also highlights the varied and intruiging music that the DiN label conjures up on it's releases from deep analogue synth grooves through glitchy, digital soundscapes to powerful, epic ambient atmospheres. An intoxicating mix of the old and new beautifully presented in a slimline cardboard wallet with an extra front flap which just adds to the value and collectability of this disc

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